OUCH: Michael Moore attacks Trump; wasn’t ready for what happened next

On Tuesday night, Michael Moore appeared on a CNN town hall with Van Jones. He was there to field questions from people from both sides of the political divide, when he faced a question from a Donald Trump voter who supported the candidate due to his position on trade.

As the Daily Caller reported, the man told Moore “No other politician in my lifetime has ever brought this issue to the forefront, and the fact of the matter is we do get screwed on trade.” This was in response to a claim by Moore that Trump hasn’t done anything for the working class yet (neglecting the Carrier deal).

Moore responded, demonstrating his ability to see into the future, stating “And when [Trump] doesn’t follow through, when he doesn’t get rid of NAFTA, when you’re still screwed in Michigan five months from now, two years from now — where are you gonna be then on this issue?” Moore replied. “There’s nothing in his behavior. The man is, first of all, a malignant narcissist, and he’s only about himself, folks. And you’re about to see that happen.”

He has an ideology that he believes in, and it’s called Donald J. Trump,” he continued. “That’s what he’s going to make sure that he’s gonna take care of. I don’t think he’s going to do anything for you, the working person.”

But the audience member wasn’t going to let Moore have the last word.

“You could say the same about Hillary Clinton,” the man replied.


No kidding. Even Michael Moore would’ve admitted as much, back when he was a Bernie Bro.


She voted for the Iraq War. She is funded by Goldman Sachs. This is not good for the United States. We had a Democratic-Socialist who almost made it. He won 22 states, 46 of the pledged delegates. And I’m just afraid your particular karma just drifted across the Atlantic” he told his followers in a video back in June.

Nevertheless, Michael Moore is evidently not sick of winning whining yet.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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