BREAKING: Trump’s latest cabinet pick is Obama’s WORST nightmare…

President-elect Donald Trump continues to make picks for his cabinet, and many of his choices have been stellar, proving he’s truly dedicated to seeing his agenda get accomplished during his time in the White House.

While he’s made a lot of picks that have rubbed liberals the wrong way, perhaps one of the most delicious comes in the form of his EPA head, Scott Pruitt.

What makes this pick so tasty is that Pruitt is a big fan of fossil fuels and also doesn’t buy the hype surrounding climate change.

If you listen closely, you can hear Obama crying himself to sleep tonight, watching everything he built over the last eight years go up in smoke.

According to The Blaze, President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly chosen Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

The choice of Pruitt, a Republican, to lead the EPA shows Trump’s desire to push back on the environmental policies of President Barack Obama with his own.

Pruitt waged a legal battle against Obama’s climate change policy — which makes him an ideal choice to carry out Trump’s mission to end the “War on Coal” that he says Obama fought with his anti-global warming “Clean Power Plan.” Pruitt may be uniquely able to make sure that Obama-era climate policies are rolled back or weakened.

You just know Obama is behind closed doors throwing the biggest hissy fit of his life. Given his reputation for such behavior, that’s really saying something.

This is a truly awesome pick, as we all know the climate change agenda has nothing to do with actually preserving the planet. It’s a socialist scheme designed to allow the government a deeper foothold in the private sector so they can control businesses and redistribute wealth.

Many of the restrictions the current president wants on companies as part of this agenda will hurt the economy, funneling much needed profits away from owners, causing layoffs, high unemployment rates and stagnation of job creation.

Pruitt is an ideal candidate to oppose liberals’ push for these sorts of restrictions. Not to mention, working to shrink the size of the EPA organization so it’s not in the way of business owners attempting to expand their companies, make a living and provide jobs for their fellow Americans.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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