WHOA: Watch what liberals do after seeing this man in a pro-Trump t-shirt [LANGUAGE]

It’s been almost a month since Donald Trump soundly defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the election, and liberals continue to prove just how classless they can truly be as they escalate their temper tantrums to near biblical proportions.

We’ve seen them block streets, fake assault claims, cry themselves silly in their safe spaces, and all sorts of insanity, but it appears they haven’t yet gotten the rottenness out of their souls.

A couple of liberals in California are proving just how deplorable the left is by harassing a Trump supporter for wearing a #BuildTheWall t-shirt, giving a fresh meaning to the phrase “foul-mouthed.”

According to TheBlaze,

Nathan Morton often heads to the clubhouse of his California apartment complex to get work done since his upstairs neighbors “agitate constantly.”

But the calm he sought was interrupted by a pair of liberals offended by Morton’s #BuildTheWall T-shirt. Morton posted a YouTube video Friday showing the resulting 10 minutes of tag-team harassment, threats and provocation he endured from the hovering pair as he sat calmly on a couch.

One of the harassers — a woman who spoke in a heavy accent and claimed she’s Mexican — accused Morton of racism as she moved closer and closer, placing her cellphone inches away from his face and body.

A second subject — a bearded man — stared Morton down and constantly cursed him out, as if he wanted the object of his attacks to stand up and start a physical altercation.

“Don’t wear s**t like that around here, dude,” he said as he stood above Morton and called him a “f***ing d**khead.”

The man also threatened Morton if he posted his video (“Put that on YouTube. I f***in’ dare you.”) and tried coercing him to leave the clubhouse (“F***in’ go home. Get the f*** out of here, f***head.”).

Somehow Morton manged to avoid responding in kind and instead calmly — almost languidly — repeated his request for the pair to leave him alone. But they refused, saying Morton invited their attacks because he was wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt.

Here’s the video of the incident:

The bearded nut eventually gave up, but the woman kept on going for a bit, claiming she would “make more money” than Norton, and that she was “more educated” than him.

Charming gal, isn’t she?

It’s almost comical how delusional these two are, to think that because they’ve bought into the lie that is liberalism, that somehow means they’re more educated than someone who is on the right.

Why can’t the left just let people be? Why can’t we have a difference of opinion and just go about our lives in public?

If only.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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