KARMA: Fidel gets one final surprise at his funeral

As his citizens lived in absolute poverty they can never escape due to structural roadblocks put in place by his communist government, Fidel Castro lived like a king. A decade ago, Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s personal net worth at $900 million (which as they note, could fund one heck of a lot of rations).

Meanwhile, Cuba’s citizens average about $20 a month in pay from government jobs…. but at least they have free healthcare!

Fidel’s death at age ninety served as a reminder that only the good die young, but he did finally get some minor justice after his passing.

As the Federalist Papers reported: In one final dose of Karma, the jeep pulling Fidel Castro’s ashes through the final funeral procession broke down and needed to be pushed by soldiers.

Castro’s ashes were interred in a private ceremony Sunday, nine days after the official mourning period began. The breakdown came in the midst of throngs of “adoring fans” chanting “Long Live Fidel!” in state-mandated displays of emotion.

Here are two photos of the procession below, the first before the breakdown, and the second after.



Hard not to image most of those in the audience were secretly celebrating deep inside. They’re the ones who’ve been subject to mandatory mourning of their dear leader – we’ve seen how the Cubans in Miami free from political repression reacted to Fidel’s death.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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