Jill Stein announces NEXT ludicrous move to upend election

This is getting ridiculous.

She didn’t meet the standards for a recount in Pennsylvania and withdrew her suit BUT now she’s seeking “federal court intervention” and filing for emergency relief “demanding a statewide recount on constitutional grounds.”

She’s suing Michigan – and in fact there’s a recount hearing TODAY – to get the recount started ASAP instead of waiting until Wednesday (as the recount must be completed by December 13)

She’s suing Wisconsin because the state refuses to do the recount by hand.

Nonetheless, the Wisconsin recount is underway, and as we reported yesterday, After the third day of recounting, Hillary has indeed picked up a few votes — 126, to be precise. Except Donald Trump has picked up 138 — which, for you math-challenged liberals out there, puts Trump at a net gain so far of 12 votes over Hillary.

And now…ta-da! For a completely useless expenditure of energy, per The Hill, Stein is scheduled to hold a press conference and rally outside Trump Tower in New York on Monday, defending her push for recounts in several states.

“We won’t stand down as Donald Trump and his allies seek to frivolously obstruct the legal processes set up to ensure we have a voting system we can trust and that all votes have been counted,” Stein said in a statement released Saturday.

Pardon me for a moment. “Frivolously?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She said that without a scintilla of irony?

How is standing up and waving signs going to do anything to make any difference? Filing suits when recounts turn up a net gain of votes for Trump? How is that not frivolous?

Go home Dr. Stein. Get a life.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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