Oh boy: Anthony Weiner in trouble AGAIN??

Given the sheer number of colorful characters and charlatans in the world of politics, it’s difficult to obtain the crown of “worst politician ever,” and yet the infamous Anthony Weiner keeps managing to emerge as a frontrunner.

It’s not enough that he ruined his career and marriage by “sexting” dirty pictures of himself (not just once or twice even), or that he may have contributed in a rather larger way to Hillary Clinton’s demise in the 2016 election.

Now it seems he’s in a spot of financial trouble too.

Almost makes you feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

According to the Daily Caller, The New York City Finance Board unanimously voted on Thursday to fine the former New York congressman $64,956 for misusing campaign funds during his 2013 failed NYC mayoral bid.

According to the New York Post, the amateur photographer diverted $1,359 to pay for some of his personal expenses, namely dry cleaning and cell phone bills.

Additionally, Weiner is responsible for repaying $195,377.79 his campaign raised but never spent. If his campaign cannot formally replenish said funds, Weiner will have to cough it up out of his own pockets.

After losing his mayoral bid to Bill de Blasio, Weiner slunk back into irrelevance before being busted earlier this year for conducting a cyber-sex relationship with an underage girl.

The F.B.I. is conducting an ongoing investigation into the relationship.

It seems Weiner is a magnet for disaster, and all of these scandals coming to light, plus the end of his marriage, might be a clear indication it’s time to get out of the public light and get help for his many, many problems.

Only problem is, it seems Weiner can’t afford the help, either. Sad!

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]



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