First Democrats lose the election, now THIS…

In the wake of losing the presidential election last month, Democrats have come up with no shortage of excuses — from the Electoral College, Fox News, and racism, to outlandish conspiracies like Russian hacking of voting machines. However, what Democrats are not focusing on is the future, and that’s a big problem for them.

Not only did Democrats lose the presidential election, they failed to gain a majority in the House and Senate. To make matters worse for the party, they’re now a historic minority in the state legislatures and only hold 16 of the 50 governorships.

It couldn’t possibly get any worse for Democrats, right? Wrong! Now, more bad news is rolling in for Democrats, this time from their own donors. From the Daily Mail:

“The feeling I get from big donors out here in California is that they’re not only extremely disappointed, but they’re shell-shocked,’ Marc Nathanson, a high-roller who spoke to The Hill. ‘So to turn around and say, now it’s time to rebuild the national party and the DNC, I just don’t see it.'”

What’s becoming clear to donors has been clear to the general public for months. Starting with the Wikileaks revelation that the DNC actively worked to sabotage the primary campaign of Clinton opponent Bernie Sanders, the party quickly devolved into a complete mess. From there, chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz was ousted right before the national convention. Later, it was revealed that her replacement, Donna Brazile, leaked CNN townhall questions to the Clinton campaign before an event, resulting in the network letting her go.

The Clinton campaign itself was no better. Donald Trump capitalized on his strong economic platform by taking Rust Belt states that have been dependably Democrat for years. This historic victory was aided by the fact the Clinton camp was so sure of themselves, they didn’t even visit Wisconsin once.

To add insult to injury, Clinton outspent Trump by a large margin, a clear sign to donors they were not getting a good return on their investment.

With the Tea Party takeover of the House in 2010, followed by the Senate takeover in 2014, and finally the 2016 presidential election, Democrats are on a historic slide. With the departure of President Obama from the scene, there doesn’t seem to be very much up-and-coming talent on the horizon for the party.

Donors are taking note, and keeping their wallets closed for now.

[This article was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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