BOOM: Kellyanne Conway OBLITERATES liberal ‘fake news’ outcry with just one line [Watch]

Democrats continue their post-election soul-searching finger-pointing about what went wrong in the 2016 election, in which they got their patooties handed to them. They’ve cycled through a number of excuses and culprits, including the full range of “isms” and phobias — including sexism (not just from men, but self-hating women as well), racism, nationalism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc.; Russian hackers; and even the Electoral College.

One of the increasingly popular targets for Democrats has become what they deem “fake news.” President Obama has vocally decried both “fake” and Fox News for their influence in both the outcome of the election and his own failed legacy.

Of course, what they’re really upset about is the fact that, thanks to alternative media, liberals no longer have a lock on controlling the information the American public receives. And truth, it turns out, is not helpful to Democrats and their policies.

It’s ironic that Democrats suddenly profess concern about “truth” since their very existence and success has been so rooted in falsehoods and misinformation.

In the now-infamous post-mortem discussion smackdown that took place Thursday at Harvard University, CNN’s Jake Tapper used a new term to describe the new era in which liberals have lost their lock on information control: “post-factual.” When Tapper teed up the “post-factual” election cycle we just witnessed, Clinton aide Robby Mook took the opportunity to decry the role of “fake news” in his team’s loss.

However, Trump’s Kellyanne Conway calmly obliterated him in return, with just one line.

“I think the biggest fake news in this election was was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”


Via The Daily Caller:

While taking part in a post-election discussion at Harvard University — of which CNN aired footage Friday afternoon — [Robby] Mook argued that “Congress has got to investigate what happened with Russia here.”

“We cannot have foreign aggressors, I would argue, intervening in our elections,” he continued. “We know the Russians were propagating fake news through Facebook and other outlets.”

Mook argued that sites like Breitbart peddled stories that “reinforced sexist, racist, anti-Semitic notions in people” and “shouldn’t be part of the public discourse.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper gave Conway an opportunity to respond, which she graciously accepted.

“I think the biggest fake news in this election was was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”

“That was peddled, probably for weeks and months before the campaign ended, definitely in the closing days,” she continued. “If you look at major newspapers and major cable stations, networks, Jake, it’s unmistakable.

To be clear, no one has shown us “post factual” more than President Obama and his wannabe successor Hillary Clinton. Who can forget classic “post-factual” statements like “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” and “I just heard about that on the news, as everyone else did.” Or how about we’ve reached a deal that “permanently prohibits Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” or “the Islamic State is not Islamic.” Just to name a few classics from Obama.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton’s “post factualness” needs no further explanation.

Perhaps more than “post factual,” the recent election cycle had more to do with liberal denial than anything else. And may we add a new term to describe what just happened in this election cycle: “post liberal.”


[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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