NBA legend Charles Barkley defends cops; liberals have SHOCK response

If you happen to be a celebrity or professional athlete who doesn’t hate the cops, then chances are, crazy, rabid leftists are going to make your life an absolute nightmare.

This is a lesson NBA legend Charles Barkley learned the hard way after defending the police during a town hall.

A crowd of liberal haters starting shouting at Barkley and insulting him for standing up for slain police officers and their families.

Yes, the man was verbally accosted for defending the families of individuals killed protecting local communities. Shameful.

According to the Daily Caller, The Baltimore town hall, which was meant to last for an hour, had to be cut short after the audience began insulting Barkley for standing up for police officers and their families, reports Yellow Hammer News.

Barkley asked why people didn’t mourn when four police officers were shot throughout the country in a 24-hour period. A black man stands accused of killing white San Antonio Detective Benjamin Marconi.

“Did anybody say, ‘Man, I feel bad for their family?’” Barkley reportedly asked the audience. He had stopped in Baltimore to film part of his new documentary, “The Race Card.”

“There was no love [for police] in this room,” he added.

One mother stood up to tell Barkley that she didn’t like him or his position on police.

“I don’t know you, I don’t like you,” Diane Butler declared. Butler’s son, Tyrone West, reportedly died after being restrained by police officers.

“I’m sorry for your loss. As far as you not liking me, it really doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it. I’m like the homecoming queen. All the ugly girls hate you. That’s part of my life. I never take anything personally,” Barkley responded.

These people are utterly deranged in just about every conceivable way. It’s tragic when a person dies, regardless of whether the police were at fault or not. Not every cop is a raging racist, nor should it be acceptable to more or less celebrate the murder of police officers.

If you’re consistent in your worldview, you’ll condemn murder in all of its forms, regardless, as that’s simply the right thing to do.

So many folks have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the junk being pushed by the mainstream media that they’ve become dedicated disciples of a worldview that only serves to further divide folks along racial lines.

We need to heal and come together, and part of that is both sides acknowledging the hurt of the other side, and taking steps to make amends when and where it’s necessary and called for.

Unfortunately, unity isn’t really what liberals are after.


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