Whoa: Obama breaks silence about election loss and BLAMES…

Boy howdy, the Democrat Party is seriously in a state of denial. All you have to do is read the comments of Barack Obama in Rolling Stone magazine, where he attributes a portion of Hillary Clinton’s electoral failure to Fox News — a broken record theme.

Yeah you know, Fox News is all over the place in bars and restaurants. Not that I’ve seen. First of all, when was the last time Obama was out in a working class bar or restaurant to watch TV? As a matter of fact, when I travel through airports, I see mostly CNN.

Here we are, eight years into his administration and its failures, and Obama is still unable to do a self assessment, an honest one. Then again, perhaps we shouldn’t expect the new American Socialist Party to be honest and conduct a proper self assessment of themselves in the aftermath of the 2016 election. It appears far easier to just call folks names. We’ve got misguided Chuckie Schumer already using the tired ol’ “war on…” slogan — now it’s seniors.

The denial and abject delusion, continued yesterday, as reported by CNN: ”House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defeated Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan to retain her post as the top elected Democrat in the House during a closed-door meeting Wednesday. 

The final vote was 134 to 63 for Pelosi, meaning she matched her prediction that she’d retain the support of two-thirds of House Democrats. But it also means that close to one-third of the diminished group voted for a change in leadership after getting beat again on Election Day. 

Pelosi brushed aside those concerns Wednesday, telling CNN, “They weren’t defections, I got two-thirds of the vote.” The veteran leader, who has led the group since 2003 through three Republican House speakers and her own tenure at the top, said she viewed Wednesday’s battle as a chance to start winning again.

“My heart is broken that we didn’t win the White House this time,” she said. “We know how to win elections, we’ve done in in the past and will do it again.” 

Even though he fell far short of toppling Pelosi, Ryan still claimed some victories Wednesday — including a dispersal of power inside the House Democratic Caucus and plans to focus on the economic, bread-and-butter issues that many Democrats say Donald Trump swiped from them in the election.”

Yep, the Democrats know how to win elections: lie, demean, denigrate, intimidate, and cheat. That formula just isn’t working so very well. And consider how astute the House Democrats are, they reelected the same person who amusingly said, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it” — referring to Obamacare. Sorry, but what collection of idiots would retain this person as their “leader?”

The state of denial of the Democrat Party is unconscionable. And what Rep. Tim Ryan was saying is absolutely true: the Democrat Party has become a coastal, elite party. Heck, the radical gay activists are now, via Buzzfeed, attacking the beloved Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of Fixer Upper…remember what happened on HGTV to the Benham brothers?

The progressive socialists of the left just don’t grasp what’s happening. They’re the ones out of touch with America. Hmm, matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic, the Roman Catholic church is pro-traditional marriage and against killing babies, abortion…anyone asked Nancy Pelosi’s priest any questions? 

Here’s the self assessment the Democrat Party is simply not getting. Y’all have been rejected and America in your playbook is moldy and no longer valid. Rep. Tim Ryan was trying to get the leftist party to realize they have no connection with America.

And what was the response? They stayed with the same ol’ stale person who has no vision, no positive message or way ahead for America.

Just look at what’s happened in Indiana with those 1,000 employees at Carrier — their plant isn’t relocating to Mexico, thanks to the President-elect..not the whining sitting president who blames Fox News for his failures. Imagine that, the sitting president, Barack Obama, did nothing to help these Americans keep their jobs. And you know why? Because he has no relation to them, and actually would prefer them to be out of work and become dependent on government largesse in order to survive. But that’s not what real Americans want — a government participation trophy — they want to earn their way. However, from the perspective of the progressive socialist elites, they know what is best.

Rep. Ryan is absolutely right. Who’s the House Minority leader for the Democrats? Nancy Pelosi from California. The Senate Minority leader for the Democrats? Chuck Schumer from New York. Who are the leading voices in the Democrat Party right now? Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren. Who’s the leading candidate for chairman of the DNC? The head of the far left Congressional Progressive Caucus, with known associations with Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups, whose congressional district is home to the hotbed of Islamic jihadism, Keith Ellison.

And these are the folks we’re to believe are in touch with America? Oh by the way, who was the Democrat Party nominee for president? Yep, that woman from New York.

Tim Ryan did an honest self assessment of the Democrat party, and he was joined by 63 others who clearly understand. Sadly, Ryan, and those 63 can probably expect a primary challenge for their congressional reelection in 2018 from the far left…financed by George “Jabba the Hutt” Soros and Tom Steyer. The Democrat Party doesn’t believe anything is wrong with them, because when they gather at their swank cocktail parties in New York and California they look down their noses at everyday Americans. And trust me, they’re angry with America for rejecting them and their fundamental transformation.

Those tears of election night are now burning hot anger towards those of us who sent them packing. They refuse to believe it’s about them. They think it’s about us, our ignorance, our clinging to guns and religion. It’s about those coastal elites who are so enlightened while the rest of us are just backwards.

It’s about those who see our flag as a symbol of offense, instead of a symbol of pride and honor. It really comes down to realizing we’re not stuck in the past because we believe in and protect our Constitution and American exceptionalism. But it is them, the Democrat Party, the progressive socialists, the coastal elites who are stuck on stupid. Keep digging chuckleheads, we will keep providing y’all shovels.

Chip and Joanna, remember, greater is He that is inside of you, then he that is in the world — or California and New York!


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