Best news EVER about Hillary…

Hillary Clinton’s entire career was supposed to culminate with her taking the presidency. The media pushed the narrative that her presidency was an inevitability, and most bought it. Polls taken in the weeks before the election showed that 7 in 10 voters thought Hillary would win the election, which obviously includes a large number of Trump supporters as well (49 percent of them, to be specific).

Well, they were all wrong (thank God). And the best news yet? While a few sources have claimed Hillary is secretly preparing for another run in 2020, they’re merely speculating. Hard to imagine the Democrat Party is eager to embarrass themselves by having Hillary lose to Trump twice — well, three times if you count the failed recount efforts. (Then again, considering whom they’re pushing for party leadership positions, perhaps they are eager for more embarrassment.)

However, according to The Hill, we may actually have seen the last of the Clintons. Hallelujah!

Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s governor and a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, said Wednesday he thinks the family is probably done with politics.

“I’ve had many conversations with the Clinton family. We’re friends. It’s hard, very tough. I think on Election Day everybody felt pretty good. I think the Trump campaign thought they were gonna lose. And you know, this is what happens in elections,” McAuliffe said in an interview on WTOP radio.

When asked about the future, McAuliffe said he doesn’t see Hillary Clinton returning to politics. “I don’t think Hillary has any interest in running again. I’ll let her speak for herself. I haven’t asked her that. I think the president’s probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he’s done before in helping people around the globe. You know, there are elections. We’ve got to move forward. As governor of Virginia, I’ve got to move forward.”

McAuliffe, who chaired Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid, said that despite the loss, he is ready to work with president-elect Donald Trump. He said he sent Trump a congratulatory letter the day after the election, and looks forward to Trump’s plans to improve the nation’s infrastructure.

“I have known Donald Trump for 20 years, had dinner with him, golfed with him,” McAuliffe said. “When I ran [for governor] in ’09, he actually wrote me a $25,000 check. So I look forward to a productive relationship.”

Well, adios to her! Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that rumors Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for Congress don’t come to fruition.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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