Quite possibly the BEST news for Christians in some time…

If there’s one thing I enjoy pointing out about the liberal progressive left, it’s their abject hypocrisy. We continue to hear about “Islamophobia” here in America. You know, don’t say “radical Islam” or else the president of St. Louis University will refer to you as a “provocateur” — maybe I will get a chance to meet that cheeky fella, leader of the cupcakes.

Here in America we always hear about Muslims being victimized and how they live in fear… Hmm, wonder what emotional scars are felt by the survivors of Ft. Hood; San Bernardino; Orlando; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Moore, Okla.; St. Cloud, Minn.; Ohio State University; or 9/11? Perhaps the progressive socialists, aligned with the Islamo-fascists, really don’t care, and the potential DNC chairmanship by Keith Ellison indicates such.

Ask your favorite liberal progressive just how many Christians visit Mecca or Medina for vacation spots — oops, sorry, no infidels allowed. And just how many churches have been destroyed by Islamists? And how many Christians are being driven from their ancestral lands, beheaded, crucified, sold and used as sex slaves? Doggone, the young Somali fella in Ohio was upset about how he felt Muslims were treated in America — so he ran Americans over with a car and slashed and stabbed them.

Damn, I bet Christians in Islamic countries wish they were treated as badly as Muslims in America. As reported by Fox News, Despite the Iranian regime’s best efforts to stop the spread of Christianity, a large underground church movement is growing. 

Hundreds of Iranian citizens have been converting to Christianity, and many are being baptized in large ceremonies in underground churches held in private homes across the country. This month, Christian ministry ELAM estimated that more than 200 Iranian and Afghans were secretly baptized in a service just across the Iranian border. 

“It’s an astronomical increase,” Mani Erfan, CEO and founder of CCM Ministries, which has been involved in Iran’s underground church movement for more than two decades, told FoxNews.com. “And it’s been predominately young people. We call it an awakening.” 

Erfan says much of Iran’s young population has grown tired of the regime’s oppressive religious rule, which often distorts Islamic teachings. 

“The youth have become restless and have looked toward an alternative to the regime and Islam,” he said. “The youth find Western culture and the Christian church very appealing. 

“It’s become a counter-culture,” he added. “A counter-revolution to the [1979 Iranian] Revolution.” 

Erfan adds that the evangelical movement began in the wake of 9/11 but has steadily increased in the past three to four years and that experts predict that by 2020, the Christian population in Iran will top 7 million — or 10 percent of the total population. 

“That’s a paradigm shift,” he said. “It would change the dynamic of the country and the region.” The news out of Iran may provide a glimmer of hope for the Christian community elsewhere in the Middle East.”

First of all, did you read the words “underground church”? Why does the Christian church have to be underground in Iran? Should we not send them a bunch of those “Coexist” bumper stickers? And while we’re at it, send them to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and a few other places. What happened to the religion of peace, tolerance? It appears, as I say, “when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

So why is it that we in Western civilization and culture are so open, yet we allow ourselves to be disrespected and forced underground — where is Pope Francis on all of this? However, let me make this correction, the article is incorrect when it says, “tired of the regime’s oppressive religious rule, which often distorts Islamic teachings” — that is not a correct assertion. One need only comprehend the Islamic term “nakeesh,” which means abrogation, that embraces the concept that the latter verses of the Koran supersede the earlier, peaceful verses…yet they are all words that define Islam, which means “submission.”

Here in Dallas, I’ve noticed several billboard signs that say, “Islam=Racial Equality”…really? Since when, dude? The biggest enslavers of blacks were Muslims back in the days of the slave trade. That whole Darfur thing is about Muslims slaughtering black Christians, and why we now have the Country of Southern Sudan. But how hypocritical that billboard is when it comes to Christians, Assyrians mostly, in Iran having to worship “underground.” Can you imagine if here in America we forced Muslims to worship underground? Doggone, I was running the other morning through my neighborhood in Dallas and saw a woman at the bus stop in full black burka — only thing you saw were her eyes.

And ask yourself, why is it that Barack Obama would give billions of dollars, to include $1.7B in laundered cash, to a country that forces Christians to worship underground? As stated, the collusion between progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists cannot be debated anymore. Maybe, if the liberal progressive left had their way, Christians here in America would be forced underground as well…they’re already fined and driven out of business by the state just for their religious beliefs.

I’m encouraged to know we have a growing number of Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East. You want to know what courage looks like, be a Christian in the Middle East. It’s very easy for us to simply awake on Sunday morning and head off to Church, where we’re free to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But ask yourself, Christian community in America, if your life depended upon it, would you proclaim your faith? We need to lift up the Christian church in Iran, and elsewhere in places where Christians struggle to exist — knowing that the majority Muslims wish not to coexist. Now, of course, we will never have the same here in America…but why do we not raise hell about Christians being forced underground in other countries?

And what does it say about Barack Obama that he would give funding to a Country that actively seeks to kidnap, kill and maim Americans — and violate simple human rights, such as religious freedom. Perhaps, this is the fundamental transformation that Obama wanted all along?


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