FIRED?! Trump announces he will LEAVE this as president…

With a Republican president set to take office, liberals have suddenly become sticklers for things like ethics and conflicts of interests. It’s the classic do as I say, not as I do.

The same folks who didn’t see an issue with SecState Hillary Clinton selling access to our government through her own private “foundation” have been decrying President-elect Donald Trump’s connection to the businesses on which he has built his entire life.

As they say, liberals wouldn’t have any standards at all if not for double standards.

Today, the president-elect made a surprise announcement that should alleviate some of the liberal whinging.

Of course, the liberal whinging has not stopped — and, in fact, may only have been further stirred by Trump’s announcement. We’re already hearing calls from them that this is just “propaganda” that Trump is using to “mislead” the American public, helped out a “dutiful” media. Did I miss something and the media have suddenly become Trump’s “dutiful” lapdogs? While this has been largely true about the press with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have we seen a more adversarial relationship between the press and a candidate or president-elect than with Donald Trump?

Indeed, the devil is in the details about how Trump will divest himself from his businesses — which President-elect Trump has promised to deliver to the public on December 15th, two weeks from now.

While we don’t yet know how exactly Trump will “leave” his business to focus on the presidency, one thing we can be sure of: whatever it is, it won’t be enough for liberals bent on finding fault with anything and everything this Republican president-elect does.

The whinging won’t stop.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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