OSU “diversity officer” makes STUNNING Facebook request after terror attack

You’d think condemnation of the attempted terror attack at Ohio State University would be pretty unanimous, and it has been, with the exception of a few crazies out there.

Initially some on the Left were quick to try to make this an issue about gun control (as the attempted massacre was initially reported as a shooting), but that narrative quickly collapsed.

Tariq Nasheed, who Wikipedia describes as an “author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert,and social commentator, turned heads when he tried to make the fact that the suspect was killed a political issue.


Apparently because the terrorist wasn’t white, the officer was supposed to karate kick the knife out of the attacker’s hand and then wrestle him to the ground.

His tweet was bizarre (or “interesting”) to say the least, and he was hardly the only one to somehow find a problem with a police officer killing a terrorist.

Taking the runner-up spot in the contest for the craziest comment on yesterday’s incident is none other than an OSU staffer and Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson, who, according to the Daily Caller, may have urged sympathy for suspected Monday attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan in a Facebook post.


Yes, this woman really wants to make Abdul a Black Lives Matter martyr. Talk about judging someone on no basis except for the color of their skin. The Daily Caller does note however that they were not able to independently verify the authenticity of the post, and Clemons was unavailable for comment at press time.

Clemons apparently repeated urging for her friends not to share the Facebook post, suggesting she was aware of the controversial nature of her language.

I took a look at Clemons’ Facebook page, the visibility of which is heavily restrictive. I imagine that her privacy settings purposely prevent non-friends from seeing her controversial posts, and she tried to contain her posts even further by preventing them from being shared.


I can see being against dancing on someone’s grave (even if they’re a reprehensible individual), but trying to portray this kid as a martyr? One can only wonder if Ms. Thompson’s tone would be different if she was one of the targets of Abdul’s attack.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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