Take THAT: Kellyanne Conway drops HAMMER on CNN’s Cuomo over Trump’s Twitter use

It’s interesting that liberals make such a big deal over “uteri.” The fact Hillary Clinton was born with one was her primary qualification for president. You might recall this rather jarring tweet which appeared in support of her election.

Of course, pro-choice activists make a big deal about their uteri as well, claiming whatever goes on in there should be up to them – even if it involves taking someone else’s life.

One uterus-owning person who has not at all been celebrated by the left – not surprisingly – is Kellyanne Conway.

Conway is the first uterus woman to head a successful presidential campaign.

And in based on her superb performances in front of the mainstream media, it would appear not only does she possess a uterus, but a formidable pair of brass as well.

Watch here as she absolutely dismantles CNN’s Chris Cuomo, explaining Donald Trump’s use of social media.

Yes ma’am! That’s how you do it!

[Note: This article was written with keen admiration by Michele Hickford]


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