First George Soros couldn’t get Hillary elected, NOW look what he’s doing…

You’ve all heard the media narrative: following Donald Trump’s victory, there’s been a wave of hate crimes across the nation. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that all of a sudden, racists are coming out of hiding now that there’s no consequences for their actions in Trump’s America (yes, people actually believe this).

You can find a brief list of some of the fake hate crimes here. Most share a common theme – they were reported nowhere else but on social media. You’d think the victimized would instead be turning to police.

George Soros who has been happy to waste billions on failed leftist causes throughout his lifetime, is now coming to the rescue, ready to waste millions fighting the non-existent hate crimes that have supposedly resulted from Trump’s victory.

Via the New York Times:

After a series of attacks against immigrants and minorities since Election Day, the financier says he will commit $10 million from his personal foundation to combat a rise in hate crimes that he linked to the “incendiary rhetoric” of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Mr. Soros, a Holocaust survivor originally from Hungary, said in a telephone interview this week that he was “deeply troubled” by hundreds of reports of possible hate crimes since the election — including many Nazi swastikas spray-painted on cars and buildings.

Swastikas most often painted by anti-Trump protestors…

“We must do something to push back against what’s happening here,” Mr. Soros said, blaming what he termed the “dark forces that have been awakened” by the election.

Excuse me Mr. Soros, but certain dark forces have been awake for awhile, thanks to big cash infusions to the Black Lives Matter movement — and you should know.

In August, the Washington Times reported, The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy recently announced the formation of the Black-Led Movement Fund [BLMF], a six-year pooled donor campaign aimed at raising $100 million for the Movement for Black Lives coalition.

That funding comes in addition to more than $33 million in grants to the Black Lives Matter movement from top Democratic Party donor George Soros through his Open Society Foundations, as well as grant-making from the Center for American Progress.

Regarding this new initiative, The Times reports, He said his $10 million commitment for the hate crime initiative, the single biggest gift of its kind to emerge since the election, was not intended as a political statement on Mr. Trump. But he did say he believed campaign statements from Mr. Trump and his supporters — including disparaging remarks about Muslims, Mexicans, women and others — were “directly responsible” for the recent outbreak of episodes.

For reference, this concern about hate crimes is coming from a man who confiscated property from the Jews during the Holocaust and smiles when talking about it (Fast forward to 6:58):

Does Soros actually care about hate crimes committed in Trump’s name? There haven’t been any legitimate ones, and he must be smart enough to know this. So what will this money be used for? Considering we know money from previous grants helped “fund” the Ferguson riots, and we’ve heard stories about protestors being paid to show up, you take a wild guess.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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