UGH: Here’s how Planned Parenthood is planning to ruin Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is here, and those of us in politically diverse families are preparing for battle. The satirical website The Onion ran an article headlined “Nation’s Uncles Enter Last Stage Of Prep For Thursday’s Thanksgiving Debates” – but we’re pretty sure it’s true.

One would like to think we’re all capable of defending our beliefs without being told how to think, but apparently those over at Planned Parenthood don’t have the time faith in their fanbase. On their website they published a short guide just in time for today titled “How to Talk to Your Family About Planned Parenthood This Thanksgiving.”

It begins “So. Tis the season for gathering ’round the holiday table with your loved ones, or your liked ones, or your in-laws you have no choice but to tolerate once a year, or your college bestie and her “UGH, what is she even thinking?!” significant other. And you know one of the most important questions people will ask — besides “Where’s the wine?” and “Are two dozen pies really enough?” — is: “What will happen to Planned Parenthood?”

Well, I (Matt Palumbo) certainly expect those two questions, but no one in my family has trouble affording the $15 a month needed to purchase birth control, so I can’t really relate to the last part. Here’s some more of their advice on how to talk over and lecture your family members later today.


OK cool – so I guess there’s nothing to talk about then, right? They end with one last piece of advice.


You know, doesn’t that last point defeat the purpose of complaining that the government is going to defend Planned Parenthood?

You guys don’t seem to have trouble funding it yourself. Now just let me stop paying for it.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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