Trump clarifies view on ‘alt-right’ with TWO WORDS…

Guilt by association has been a major line of attack for those going after Trump in the media. “The KKK endorsed Trump,” we’re reminded, as if there isn’t going to be overlap in support for a candidate in a country with only two major candidates in presidential elections, and hundreds of millions of voters. Do any of those people seem to care that the Communist Party endorsed Hillary? You know, communism, the only ideology that proved itself more dangerous than Nazism in the 20th century?

Another group the left has been desperate to link to Trump is the so-called “alt-right,” a faction of the right you’d never heard of before, but liberals would have you believe is taking over the Republican Party. The alt-right has been in the news again after The Atlantic posted a video from a speech at the opening of a new alt-right think tank in Washington, D.C., the National Policy Institute. The statements made by the speaker and founder of the think tank, Richard Spencer, are indefensible. He attacked Jews, quoted from Nazi propaganda in German, and you can see people in the audience giving a Hitler salute many times during his speech.

Liberals are citing this as evidence that racism is alive and well in America. However, you might say it’s actually pointing to just the opposite. The event in question managed to attract about 100-150 people… while earlier this year BronyCon (a conference for grown men who watch the children’s show My Little Pony) attracted nearly 8,000 attendees. Speaking of racism and anti-semitism, where was the liberal media when hundreds to thousands of protestors in Chicago held a rally last year calling for a Third Intifada against the State of Israel? It’s almost as if they only cared about this story because in this case, the racists supported Trump.

Much like the non-existent violence committed in his name, Trump has denounced this particular event quickly. As Breitbart reported: President-elect Donald Trump disavowed an alt-right conference in Washington, D.C. over the weekend led by Richard Spencer that celebrated the election of Donald Trump.

Asked directly about the event that was widely covered by the mainstream media, Trump replied, “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.”

Trump denied that he had energized the alt-right, but again disavowed the movement. “I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group,” Trump said. “It’s not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized I want to look into it and find out why.”

Trump made his remarks during a personal visit to the New York Times, where reporters live-tweeted his remarks. The remarks about the alt-right were shared by New York Times media reporter Mike Grynbaum. Trump separated former Breitbart Executive chairman Steve Bannon from the alt-right moment, insisting that his chief advisor was not a racist. “I’ve known Steve Bannon a long time. If I thought he was a racist, or alt-right … I wouldn’t even think about hiring him,” he said.

It’s pretty clear the alt-right isn’t a group Trump is going to let have any influence. Can the left let this go now, or are they going to still try to milk some supposed connection between Trump and the alt-right for the next eight years? And yes – I say eight years for a reason. Liberals have lost an election running on the strategy of branding everyone who opposes them racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc. — and clearly they haven’t learned that doesn’t work.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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