Oh yes he did: Obama issues final THREAT to Trump

It’s quite obvious President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t get the memo from November 8th. The American people sent him a nice social media message: #NoMoreFundamentalTransformation.

Now, sadly, just as with the Taliban, who didn’t get Obama’s tweet about combat operations being over, Obama isn’t paying any attention.

Or could it be Barack Obama is still living in his delusional world where elections only have consequences when he wins?

Obama now must face a reality: he is irrelevant, and his “signature” policies are about to be cast on the ash heap of history. And no amount of obtuse behavior can change that eventuality. But shhh…. don’t tell Obama that.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, “President Barack Obama will speak up against Donald Trump’s presidency when America’s “ideals” are at stake but will not insert himself into political battles, he said, in the clearest statement yet on how he will carry himself after leaving office. 

Mr Obama was among Mr Trump’s sharpest critics during the campaign, portraying the Republican candidate as childish, selfish and dangerous, and even after the election stood by his claim that the president-elect is unfit to serve as commander-in-chief. 

He said on Sunday night that he would balance those concerns with respect for “the office”, and the precedent set by the likes of George W Bush, who refrained from criticizing their successors. 

“If there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle, but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if I think that it’s necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then I’ll examine it when it comes,” he said during a news conference in Peru, amid his last foreign trip as president.”

Uh, Mr. President, if you didn’t realize this fact, the American people don’t want to hear from you anymore. Also, what was repudiated in the 2016 elections was your definition of “values.”

We don’t want any wealth redistribution. We don’t want our military decimated. We don’t want billions of dollars sent to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, and we see nothing wrong with saying Islamic terrorism. We want to produce, consume, and export our energy resources —hey, did you hear about the incredible discovery in West Texas? We want to keep our own doctors and healthcare insurance plans. We want a president who when traveling abroad speaks highly of the nation he has been called upon to lead — not someone who invites the Muslim Brotherhood to be front and center.

Barack ol’ boy, the American people want you to go away, seriously, and they sent you a clear message. Since your time as president, consider how many House and Senate seats have been lost to Republicans, along with governorships and state legislatures.

This is what you’d best come to grips with. If you make yourself more visible after departing the White House, it will only get worse for the Democrat Party.

We want economic growth and empowerment, not your values of economic servitude and enslavement.

You see, there are Americans who did build businesses, and it’s an affront to them to be told by your highness that they did not. But hey, keep on talking sir, because when your adversary is digging a deep hole for themselves, I’m all for just giving them more shovels. I recommend you go and perfect your golf or basketball game, and leave running America to the one who was elected to govern America– not you who tried to rule this Republic.

We the people don’t want criminal illegal aliens able to walk our streets and kill our citizens. If you haven’t noticed, that’s not in keeping with the values of a constitutional Republic.

And what is this Mr. President, that you want to “fortify” the Iranian nuclear deal, your little foray into foreign policy that has been a dismal failure? Why is it, Barack, that you and John Boy Kerry want to be the Chamber of Commerce representatives for Iran? Do you truly believe intimidating if not forcing, American businesses to invest in Iran, the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, is in keeping with the values of America?

After all, Iran has more American blood on its hands since 1979 than any other country — and you want to make them an economic and military hegemony in the Middle East?

Yep, we love those “values” of yours! Face it sir, this is nothing more than YOUR executive agreement, since you bullied the Senate Democrats into filibustering the agreement, so it was NEVER voted on in the U.S. Senate chamber. So it dies, when you walk out the door.

President Obama, you had the promise of this nation, and its goodwill. However, let’s be honest, you disrespected the America people and they made you pay for that. And the last thing we want is to hear your voice again.

We have a time-honored tradition of former presidents not speaking out against their successor, but it appears that just as you believe you’re above the law, you’re above our traditions. That speaks very much to your definition of “values” — it’s defined as your ego.

If somewhere in your beady little brain you feel that you’re some messianic community organizer figure, you are not. No one is above our rule of law, and you’ve just been given a little lesson in American civics. This is about a peaceful transition of power — remember, George W. Bush said nothing about you for eight years. What makes you believe you’re above that standard?

To the devoted acolytes and disciples of Obama, my recommendation is that you tell him to just fade away. If not, then progressive socialism will end up with the same fate as the American Whig party. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, thank a liberal progressive history teacher for your ignorance.

President Barack Obama, the ultimate lesson you should learn, is that you pushed the American people, not realizing they push back harder. I suggest you read the memo sent to you on November 8th, and if you do decide to push back after January 20, 2017…there will be political consequences. You can add to your legacy, the destruction of the post-modern liberal progressive Democrat party.

Happy trails to you, President Barack Obama, until we meet again…which the American people hope is not anytime EVER.


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