Chilling: Anti-Trump protestors reveal ultimate goal is to ELIMINATE…

Weeks after Donald Trump’s triumph, the anti-Trump protests continue.

What exactly do they want? You’d think that would be a Hillary Clinton presidency, but their true intentions aren’t as clear.

Some are just doing it for the money, as the Soros funded group “Washington CAN!” is paying protestors $15 an hour to go out and protest. Others are simply out to create chaos, as evidenced by the fact that over half of the protestors arrested in Portland didn’t even bother to get out and vote. It’s hard to protest your voice not being heard, when you didn’t even speak. Like those chuckleheads in the cast of “Hamilton.”

Regardless, some of the “protestors” are a bit more clear with their intentions. As Breitbart reported: A “F**k Trump” protest was held at the University of Houston that was billed as “A World Without Police.” It was organized by a group of the same name. DREAMers and “Undocumented! Unafraid!” activists were also part of the protest.

The flyer reads: “F**k Trump No To Hillary & All ‘Lesser Evils.” It continues, “No one is coming to save us from these capitalist, racist and misogynist scum. We have only ourselves.”

The notice also lists a website, AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE.ORG, and a Facebook page, FB.COM/AWORLDWITHOUTPOLICE. When checked, the listed Facebook page shows the message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Below is an image of their posters:



Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh likened the anti-Trump protestors and the left in general as attitudinally…nothing more than a bunch of six- and seven-year-old children. Now, they’re not children when it comes to what their capabilities are, determining the action they take and the mean-spirited extremism they exhibit and so forth. Attitudinally, they’re kids.

He noted the protestors standing in front of Trump Tower shouting “Donald Trump go away.” They don’t expect Trump to leave. So what are they doing? They’re acting out their childhood impulses. “Donald Trump, go away! Donald Trump…” They’re just a bunch of kids, except they’re far more dangerous than kids because they’re adults, but they have attitudes and mentality that’s almost stunted as six- or seven-year-olds, because of the very protective way they’ve been raised and the lies that they have accepted, both in the news and the anecdotal lies that are passed around from people to people, person to person.

These protestors want police to go away, authority to go away — they probably said the same thing to their parents, and apparently never received the whupping they deserved then either.

One thing is for certain…if they really did ever get their way with a world without police there would be NO safe spaces to hide.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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