WOW: Fox News host up for Trump administration post…

While they have the reputation as the only right-of-center major news network, the talent at Fox News couldn’t have been any more divided on support for Donald Trump. Sean Hannity became the network’s main apologist for Trump – while Megyn Kelly amounted to just the opposite. Contributors Rick Sanchez and Dana Perino have also been among those against Trump.

They shouldn’t be expecting to get a call from Trump anytime soon to join his cabinet, nor would they even want such an offer, but one co-host in particular known for battling the “Never Trumpers” at the network could be soon headed to Trump’s White House.

As Townhall reported: Fox News’ “The Five” co-host Eric Bolling is reportedly talking to the Trump transition team about the possibility of a position in the Department of Commerce, according to Politico’s sources.  

Though nothing has been offered and he declined to comment on the report, telling Politico he “can’t confirm anything,” Bolling was spotted by the press pool at Trump Tower last week.

Bolling has a degree in economics from Rollins College in Florida, and completed a fellowship at Duke University in public policy. He’s a former commodities trader and served five years on the board of directors at the New York Mercantile Exchange. He was part of CNBC before joining Fox News 2008.

Lew Eisenberg, the Republican National Committee finance chair, is considered a frontrunner for the position of Secretary of Commerce. He is expected to meet with Trump on Saturday. A Fox News spokesperson said they did not have anything further to add. Spokespeople for the president-elect did not respond to requests for comment.

Bolling was spotted at Trump Tower last Wednesday, and also may have met with The Donald the following Friday.

If he were to take such a position, that would mean the end of his employment at Fox. But as we all know, everything in life is a trade-off.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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