University police officer FIRED after students hear him shout these FOUR words…

Being a diehard fan of President-elect Donald Trump is something that can be hazardous to your health, a fact we’ve all discovered over the last several weeks, watching crazed, rabid leftists assault folks over voting for the real estate mogul.

Seeing all of that nonsense was bad enough, but now, it appears the political persecution is continuing to grow and infect other areas of our culture.

A police officer in the University of Virginia was made to resign after allegedly using his vehicle’s PA system to shout “Make America Great Again” after Trump soundly beat Clinton in the election.

The man was accused by students, so it seems fair to say their claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to Breitbart, A police officer in the University of Virginia system was forced to resign after students claimed that he used his vehicle’s PA system to shout “Make America Great Again” on the evening of Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton.

Student protesters demanded the removal of the officer from his post on the grounds that he abused his authority as a university officer. The incident allegedly occurred at 1:50 AM, as the result of the election became more apparent and students had begun to make their way back to their dorm rooms.

“I was disappointed to learn of reports that UPD personnel allegedly used the public address system in their vehicle inappropriately following the results of the election in the early morning hours on Wednesday,” UPD Police Chief Michael Gibson said in a Nov. 10 email response to concerns over the incident.

The University of Virginia hosted a candlelight vigil for students who were traumatized by the results of the election. “Last night, an individual who ran a campaign of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, and authoritarianism was elected president of our country,” the event’s Facebook page said. “We invite you, our community, to process this pain together and discuss future action.”

According to The Cavalier Daily, University of Virginia’s student newspaper, student protesters interrupted the Board of Visitors meeting on Nov. 11 to demand that the offending officer be fired.

“We demand that they be fired, and we demand a re-evaluation of our tuition dollars going to the University Police Department,” one protester said.

So a bunch of hooligans barge into a meeting to which they weren’t invited and then demand the school fire someone based on allegations they misused PA equipment, after this same educational institution held a “vigil” for “traumatized” students who can’t take losing an election?

Are we living in the real world, or did we somehow get sucked into an alternate universe? There’s no way this sort of shenanigans is real, right? This is the kind of stuff you see in sitcoms!

Now, if this officer really did abuse the vehicle’s PA system, he definitely should’ve been reprimanded because it’s not professional to do such a thing. However, being reprimanded for inappropriate use of equipment is hardly grounds for forcing the guy to quit. That’s just plain wrong.

It’s clear the guy was forced out because he supported Trump.

What’s the height of hypocrisy though is how these delicate snowflake students would be celebrating such activity had the officer been a Democrat and Hillary our next president.

Hopefully the officers is able to find new work soon.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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