BREAKING: San Antonio Police release photo of “person of interest” in cop shooting. Suspect is…

This was a deadly weekend for law enforcement.

But you know, it started in a rather innocuous moment a few years back in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a Professor Henry Louis Gates, and President Obama claiming the police had acted stupidly.

At that moment, no one would have ever thought that statement would be indicative of Obama’s sentiment towards law enforcement in America. And his beer summit with the aggrieved police officer was nothing more than a worthless political stunt, an optic, that was meaningless.

In actuality it did have meaning, as in the long run, we clearly see, through Obama’s reaction to Ferguson, Missouri and other instances, his disregard of our law enforcement officers on full display. Even when two NYPD officers were gunned down mercilessly — Officers Ramos and Liu — Obama did not find it necessary to attend their funerals. As a matter of fact, he blew off the funeral service for the highest- ranking member of our military to be killed in Afghanistan, MG Harold Greene. And we all know he had little to say about the death of the greatest sniper in U.S. military history, Chris Kyle.

So, what does that type of emotionless attitude towards our law enforcement officers mean, especially when Obama embraces groups like Black Lives Matter?

A weekend of violence.

As reported by USA Today, “A Texas detective was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket outside of police headquarters late Sunday morning.

Later Sunday, two other officers were wounded in incidents in Florida and Missouri.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus identified the slain officer as 20-year veteran Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50.

Per KSAT, The San Antonio Police Department have released an image of a person of interest they want to talk to about the Sunday shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi.

McManus said right before noon, the officer was writing a ticket in his patrol car when a black Toyota or Nissan pulled up behind it. A man got out the vehicle and shot the officer twice, once in the head. Marconi was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he died, McManus said.

The shooter was described as a black man around 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet tall. He was wearing a gray shirt, black pants and has a goatee.

Fox News reports a “person of interest” is in custody, but no arrests have been made.


But that’s not all, Later Sunday, a Sanibel Police Department officer was shot during a traffic stop. The officer’s shooting was a first for the island police department, according to police officials. He was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital and his condition was not known.

And then there was this, And in Missouri, KSDK-TV reported a police sergeant was in critical but stable condition after being shot in south St. Louis Sunday night. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson said a suspect pulled alongside the officer’s marked car and fired, hitting him twice in his face. The suspect was at large.

The purposeful targeting of our law enforcement officers MUST end. Of course having moved to Dallas and remembering the shooting back this summer where five law enforcement officers lost their lives brings this epidemic home.

Those of you in Baton Rouge remember the three officers who were gunned down. And recently in Georgia we’ve had several law enforcement officers shot and killed.

All of this has happened because we’ve had a lack of principled leadership and response from the highest office in the land, an occupant who will soon be departing.

The community organizer in chief has cloaked himself in the dangerous mantra of social justice, and radical protest and mobocracy has turned our streets into ambush zones.

Who can forget the Houston Texas law enforcement officer gunned down at the gas station? Or how about the Philadelphia officer shot point blank range by an admitted Islamic jihadist, just to have the city’s mayor disavow the assailants stated motive.

And we have these Democrat mayors pledging to support and giv sanctuary to criminal illegal aliens, yet they want to broad brush law enforcement officers in order to stoke fires.

When our LEOs do wrong, they are indeed held accountable, as in Charleston, SC and Tulsa, OK. However, there is a theme, a message being promulgated by the progressive socialist left that has had detrimental ramifications to LEOs. They have been made the scapegoats by the left in their goal of victimizing residents of the inner city communities. And the statements of leftist politicians have only served to place a target on these brave men and women of the Thin Blue Line.

President-elect Donald Trump has stated that he would restore law and order. I wonder what was the law enforcement exit poll vote for Trump?

The bottom line is that targeting law enforcement has to end. But, this is the result of the false narrative — ok, lies — that white police officers were hunting down black men and targeting them. And the complicit liberal progressive media also had a hand in this American tragedy — stoking the fires and promulgating manipulated stories.

They misled the American people on Michael Brown in Ferguson, there was no such thing as “hands up, don’t shoot.” Recently in Charlotte, they trusted a Facebook post rather than do their due diligence on a shooting there. And who pays for their lying and ideological opinionated stances ? Officers like Detective Benjamin Marconi in San Antonio.

And if the leftists ever believe this nation, America, will EVER allow them to have power in our country — keep dreaming, you’re delusional. We love our military and our law enforcement officers. Your words and actions have proven that you don’t — and their blood is on your hands.

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