Students stage walkout to protest Trump; INSTANTLY regret it

Liberals have been crying and whining over Donald Trump being elected president for over a week, and it doesn’t seem they’re going to slow down their pity parties any time soon.

Not only have there been riots where property has been damaged and protests in the street, we’ve also seen progressive, government-run public schools participate in “walkouts” over the election, which was likely nothing more than teachers and students wanting to get out of class for the day.

Here’s one example of this lunacy.

via Kiro 7:

Students from across the U.S. walked out of school Monday to protest the election of Donald Trump as President. Around 5,000 students from Seattle Public Schools’ middle and high schools participated in the walk out, officials said Monday evening.

KIRO 7 was contacted by students at Edmonds Woodway High School, Renton High School, Interlake High School in Bellevue, and Foster High School in Tukwila. A notice from students at Chief Sealth in Seattle spoke of a planned walkout at 1:30 p.m.

Officials with Seattle Public Schools said they are steadfast in their support for all students. “While the protests are not sanctioned by the district, SPS students do have the right to peacefully demonstrate and express their personal views,” SPS officials said in a statement. They also wrote that any time a student leaves school without permission, it is considered an unexcused absence.

Students from a school in Maryland thought they’d try pulling this same stunt, but when they went to walk out the door, they got a big surprise.

They were locked in.

Poor delicate snowflakes got cheated out of a free day. Shame on this school for denying these kids a chance to voice their political opposition to Donald Trump, a lousy rich, billionaire who won an election fair and square.

How dare they!

Finally, some adults are in the room. If you’re going to attend a public school, your backside should be firmly planted in a seat in class, working your tail off to get your diploma.

Granted, some would rather their kid walk out the door and not get indoctrinated with progressive ideology, but hey, the principle of the matter is children shouldn’t be used to press a political agenda, which is what schools participating in these “walkouts” are doing.

It’s time for liberals to grow up, to accept reality, and move on. Donald Trump is your president. Deal with it.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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