UNREAL: Dems pushing for Muslim head of DNC, but look what we discovered…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign from her position as DNC chair among ethics concerns, and the woman who replaced her as interim chair (Donna Brazile) would’ve had to do the same, had she been the official chair. The man that a number of progressives are backing for DNC chair next, Keith Ellison, will face charges of much more than ethics concerns, however.

Let’s take a look into the man’s past.

He’s the first Muslim elected to Congress, which I guess we’re supposed to believe somehow qualifies him for a position regardless of any other factors. Like his connection to the radical Nation of Islam.

As Legal Insurrection reported: Take a look at Ellison’s May 28, 2006, letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council; it served as the keystone of his 2006 campaign for election to Congress.

That letter to the contrary notwithstanding, (other documents published by Legal Insurrection) nevertheless by themselves establish that 1) Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam exceeded any 18-month period, 2) Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam extended far beyond the promotion of the Million Man March, and 3) that Ellison himself, far from being ignorant of the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semitism, actively supported it.


In 2007, he compared the September 11th attacks to the Reichstag fire that helped bring Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany. “Remember 9/11. Right? You had never have all this discrimination against religious minorities but for 9/11,” Ellison said. “You had it, but you didn’t have it to the degree that we have it now. 9/11 is this juggernaut event in American history, and it allows—it’s almost like, you know, the Reichstag fire kind of reminds me of that. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?”

“But who benefited from 9/11?” an audience member asked.

“Well, I mean, you know, you and I both know,” Ellison said. “Yeah, Bush,” the audience member replied.

And to provide further sampling of the man’s greatest hits, the Daily Caller adds; Ellison was a spokesman for the Nation of Islam well into his 30’s who publicly spewed anti-Semitism and later in life as a Congressional candidate knowingly accepted $50,000 in campaign contributions given and raised by Islamic radicals who openly supported Islamic terrorism and were leaders of front groups for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

How is the Left promoting this man? I guess liberals are too busy attacking Steve Bannon for publishing edgy headlines on Breitbart to bother looking into Ellison’s past. Either that – or they already know and think it’s just fine.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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