HILARIOUS liberal headlines show exactly why everyone hates the media

There have been some pretty absurd headlines during this election – and even more absurd headlines contradicting those from the exact same liberal media outlets. Take the one from the Huffington Post below as an example.


Or the New York Times, which criticized Trump for having lobbyists on his transition team…. then claimed his transition team was in disarray after firing them.


The Washington Post had a sudden change of heart when James Comey went from initially letting Hillary Clinton off the hook, to reopening the investigation into her. Now that she got off the hook again, I guess they’re back to their original position on the issue, that Comey is just doing his job.


One liberal site had a sudden change of heart after the electoral college system led to Trump’s victory.

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Okay, so some of these articles are from different writers. And even if they’re from the same publishers, it’s not like all their writers have to think the same way. To that I’d say, it just goes to show how these liberal sites are willing to forego any sort of editorial control just for the purpose of attacking Republicans. In the case of the aforementioned Washington Post headlines for instance, one of the  pieces was written by their editorial board – and the contradictory piece would’ve had to have been approved by that same board to be published.

And sometimes the contradictory articles are written by the same author, on the same website, days apart.


What’s next? Are they going to write a piece defending flip-flopping then attacking Donald Trump for flip-flopping?

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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