UH OH: Look which sites are being labeled “Fake News” sites…

If you’re curious as to just how rattled the left really is about Donald Trump winning the presidency, you need look no further than their attempt to silence new media outlets as a means of forcing folks to get information from the mainstream media.

Google has come out against what they call “fake news” websites, stating any site labeled as such will no longer be allowed to use their ad network — AdSense — as a means of making money off of advertisements.

Now, for those sites that are legitimately pumping out fake content, that’s one thing. However, if you look at the list of websites on professor has put together, you’ll notice an disturbing number of conservative media outlets.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to get your dander up, Facebook is considering a similar policy.

The Atlantic is reporting, It just got harder for fake-news websites to make money from ads. Within hours of each other on Monday evening, Facebook and Google both announced that sites that intentionally deceive or mislead visitors won’t be allowed to use the internet giants’ advertising platforms.

Google’s AdSense and the Facebook Audience Network allow websites to easily place digital ads on their pages. Instead of going out and selling ads on their own, websites can lean on Google and Facebook to do that legwork for them. The networks act as middlemen, allowing online advertisers to “bid” for space on websites that have signed up. Google and Facebook share some of the revenue from the ads with the websites that run them.

Google said Monday that it will no longer allow websites access to its ad network if they “misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose.” Pornography or hate-speech websites are already banned from using the AdSense platform.

The question that needs to be asked is what they consider to be “fake news?”

Well, a professor just so happened to put together a nice, neat little list. Here’s a sample of what you can find on it:


RedState, Breitbart, Twitchy, TheBlaze, and BizPac Review are on that list. Of course, Breitbart is connected to none other than President-elect Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

This is what the left feels threatened by. Media that isn’t chained to the progressive agenda and actually desires to provide folks with a different point of view than the disgusting left-wing tripe they get bombarded with on a daily basis.

Here’s a link to the full list.

So what in the world has liberals nearly wetting their pants so bad they want to yet again silence free speech and the free flow of ideas?

Many attribute the rise of Donald Trump and his victory over Hillary Clinton to new media outlets who actually covered material the mainstream media ignored, since you know, they had a pony in the race they wanted to win.

It’s the ultimate act of a sore loser put on full display for everyone to see.

Even President Obama is on board with these measures, for this exact reason.

Via NewsMax:

President Barack Obama on Monday criticized how fake news is spreading wildly on social media sites, specifically Facebook.

“And people, if they just repeat attacks enough, and outright lies over and over again, as long as it’s on Facebook and people can see it, as long as it’s on social media, people start believing it,” said Obama on Monday during a rally for Hillary Clinton at the University of Michigan. “And it creates this dust cloud of nonsense.”

Obama’s comments come nearly two weeks after a BuzzFeed analysis found that three big right-wing Facebook pages “published false or misleading information 38% of the time during the period analyzed, and three large left-wing pages did so in nearly 20% of posts.”

The news is concerning considering the amount of views, comments and shares the information gets on Facebook. For example, one Facebook page – Occupy Democrats – has 4,331,640 likes. Another – Freedom Daily – has 1,434,910 likes.

So now we’re suddenly deferring to Buzzfeed as a legit source of investigative reporting? Isn’t that a bit of irony, considering the whole discussion of fake news and clickbait headlines?

Social media giant Twitter has also started banning conservative accounts and some of the so-called “alt-right” users on the site. Even if one wholly rejects some of the viewpoints proferred by so-called “alt-right” users, silencing people for differing opinions is simply wrong, regardless.

The purpose of the media is to help provide individuals with information they need to make an informed decision, a mission the mainstream media have failed at miserably for decades — and failed colossally so in this most recent election cycle.

Why isn’t CNN or some other major network like MSNBC mentioned on the list, considering they often don’t report all of the facts, purposefully misleading individuals for their own gain? How about the New York Times, who acknowledged in this past election cycle that they were tossing out the usual standards of “objectivity” to fight Trump? How about CBS leaving out clips from their interview with Trump?

Oh, that’s right. They’re liberal networks, so it’s all cool for them to be slanted, but heaven forbid any other outlet provide an opposing — or even more complete — view.

One of the bedrocks of liberty, one of the principles that made this nation so awesome, is the free flow of ideas provided by freedom of speech and a free press. People were, at one time, allowed to share their unique beliefs and perspectives, taking their ideas out on an intellectual battlefield to allow them to duke out and have truth rise to the surface.

People have the right to know the full story, and if alternative media outlets provide that, do platforms like Google and other social media giants really want to stand in the way of that? Even looking at it from a business perspective from their standpoint, sure sounds like a way to lose a whole lot of customers.

In an age where you can get information in an instant, rather than slam “fake news sites,” how about encouraging folks to do their own due diligence and fact check what they’re being told?

At some point, the American people are going to have to take responsibility for themselves and do a little self-governing, particularly when it comes to sorting through the noise to discern the truth for themselves. Attempts by large corporations or — God forbid, our government — to decide what’s “true” are a very dangerous slippery slope.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]



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