Buh BYE: Trump cuts ties with controversial group…

Last year during one of CNN’s Republican primary debates, upon being booed for an attack on Jeb! Bush, Donald Trump quipped, “that’s all of his donors and special interests out there.” The boos quickly turned to cheers and laughter.

Attacking the establishment and their influence has been a central part of Trump’s populist appeal. During the second presidential debate, Trump even cited his lack of money raised from special interests as evidence that he wouldn’t be beholden to them once he took office. Having taken nearly $50 million from Wall Street, Hillary wouldn’t have been able to say the same.

In recent days, Trump had come under fire for including a number of lobbyists on his transition team. While the Trump team initially defended their inclusion as merely including the experience of some insiders, now it appears to be cutting lobbyists out of its team altogether.

As Business Insider reported: Vice President-elect Mike Pence has ordered the removal of all lobbyists from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday night. The action was among Pence’s first since formally taking over the team’s lead role. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was abruptly dismissed from the post last week.

Critics had excoriated Trump for including lobbyists, Washington insiders, and Republican Party veterans among his team, saying it contradicted the antiestablishment message that defined his campaign. 

According to CNBC, the purge has only accelerated today. Among those removed include his transition leader for the Department of Justice, “Kevin O’Connor, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers and a bevy of other well connected Trump transition officials who suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in.”

Good riddance to them, and good on Trump for keeping his word.

But don’t worry, Trump’s naysayers will find something to criticize in this too.

[This article was written by The Analytical Economist]



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