YES! Lawmaker drops the HAMMER on colleges coddling election crybabies…

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election, liberal snowflakes took their meltdowns to new levels. They didn’t get “their way” in the election result, which of course meant they staged mass walkouts and protests and — here’s a new one — “cry-ins.”

Some schools used our tax dollars to respond by offering urgent safe spaces, including cookies, mandalas and puppies. They delayed exams, cancelled classes and offered grief counseling to students distraught over — what was it again? — oh yeah, the results of our free election, in which all of these students who were of age had the right to participate if they so chose.

In response to these new levels of wussified madness, one Iowa lawmaker is taking brilliant action.

Via The Blaze:

After hearing about state schools in Iowa coddling students, creating safe zones, cancelling exams, etc., Bobby Kaufmann, a member of the Iowa State house, decided he had seen enough.

Kaufmann, Chairman of the Iowa House Oversight Committee, has announced he is going to open an investigation into the state schools, hoping to learn just how many taxpayer dollars were wasted on the “cry baby” reactions to Trump’s victory over Clinton.

Speaking with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Kaufman explained his plan to co-sponsor the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” Bill. The proposed legislation would identify the monies spent by state schools on activities deemed to be a waste of money. The state would then penalize those schools by cutting triple the amount of money wasted from the 2017 budget.

Calling the school’s actions “absolutely asinine,” Kaufman vowed, “I’m gonna find out exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being used for these cry zones and for all these different safe zones (so) you can talk about your feelings. And I’m gonna take whatever that number is and we’re gonna triple it and cut it from the university budget.”

Listen to the interview as heard on TheBlaze Radio:



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