PRICELESS: Watch ‘moderator’ Martha Raddatz literally CHOKE as she realizes Trump…

Are you sick of seeing the liberal media’s shock, dismay and crow-eating after their gal Hillary lost Tuesday’s election?

We aren’t either.

Apparently, ABC News anchor — and presidential debate moderator — Martha Raddatz was so triggered by the idea of a Donald Trump presidency that she was choking back tears as she considered that Trump may soon become commander in chief.

Check this out:

Good. Grief.

You might recall how she was the one who herself “debated” candidate Donald Trump on foreign policy during the second presidential debate this election cycle.

Gosh, could it be any more clear which candidate Raddatz — who pretends to be a “journalist” — dearly hoped would win?

Perhaps Raddatz would like to call in sick for work and crawl into a safe space somewhere to watch puppy videos and color in adult coloring books to help deal with the stress and trauma. And while she’s at it, perhaps ponder a change in careers — one where “objectivity” is not central to doing one’s job.

And perhaps in the future, Republicans should refuse to let clearly-biased left-wing “journalists” moderate debates.


[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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