So here’s what I’ll be doing next…

Way to go America, way to go! You faced an uphill battle and you took the high ground. The victory is not for Donald Trump; this was all about the restoration of a Constitutional Republic. It is 2am CT as I write this and we just watched what could be considered a second American revolution — conducted peacefully and within our electoral process.

America stood on the precipice gazing below into an abyss, and y’all stood up and saved her. The citizens of this great nation came together across party lines and made a decision that was based on shared and common principles and values — faith, family, freedom, liberty.

What America said yesterday was, we tried “fundamental transformation” but it’s not for us. America is not for the taking by progressive socialists and secular humanists. We shall not cower in the night from Islamo-fascists. We found our courage and sent a clear message of repudiation to corruption, cronyism, and elitism. So doggone proud of y’all!

I was on local CBS-11 KTVT last night and it was just amazing to watch the faces of the national CBS commentators who were in a state of shock. To watch them string this evening along as far as they could in a sheer state of denial was priceless. We watched the media elites see themselves confounded by the will of the American people. We watched the pollsters sit in awe realizing they’d completely misread the true patriotic electorate. We’ve been denigrated, demeaned, and disparaged because we love our country. We prevailed.

However, this is only the beginning; we have a long way to go. We must now put our shoulder to the plow and return growth to this nation. Let us celebrate and be joyful, but not gloat — which is the way of the liberal progressives.

Let’s go forward as gracious, happy warriors with God’s grace and humility radiating in our countenance. And as we are faced with the ugliness of the liberal left, and their dismissive manner, stand strong, and know we have a greater mission. At least I know I do.

We here at have been so very blessed to have been able to provide you with the thoughts, perspectives and insights to educate and inform. We are so appreciative of your support and realize our job does not end.

So, yes, it IS morning in America! Way to go my fellow Americans…when everyone said you couldn’t do it, you replied, “Yes we can!”


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