Ladies of ‘The View’ have PRICELESS reaction to Trump victory [Watch]

Liberals all across America have been walking around with frownie faces, experiencing explosive bouts of crying and emotional diarrhea as they come to grips with their crushing defeat at the ballot box yesterday.

Just take a cruise across the Twitterverse and you’ll see a never ending stream of lefties doing what they do best, which is whining, sputtering, spouting, and demanding conservatives die.

In other words, their dreams are crushed and it’s truly a refreshing sight after nearly eight long years of watching them try to “fundamentally transform” America.

One of the most epic meltdowns to come from the loony left is brought to us by the ladies of The View, and while we all knew we were in for something amazing, the dejection was even more intense than expected.

IJR is reporting, Though voters on both sides of the aisle still seemed in shock Wednesday morning, few were as “colorful” in their commentary as the ladies on “The View.”

Whoopi Goldberg called it “shocking,” while Joy Behar said she was “slowly getting drunk” throughout their election night coverage:

“It was a rough night for everybody I think. We’re worried, the people are worried.

You know, okay, he’s the president, now what? We’re watching you, okay?”

Behar went on to explain what really scares her, which is a Republican-controlled White House, Congress, Senate and, potentially, the Supreme Court.

Former Fox News contributor Jedediah Bila was quick to jump in and explain that within the Republican Party there are “bold differences” among conservatives:

“You have a Libertarian wing of the party, I’ve always said, ‘How does John McCain and Rand Paul wind up in the same party?’ They disagree fundamentally on foreign policy issues. I mean, Hillary Clinton was far more hawkish in her speech than Donald Trump was. So, I think there are a lot of checks still. I think the Republican Party is trying to figure out who they are and what they stand for, and Donald Trump will want to do some things in that party that some people will not approve of and will stand up against.”

Co-host Sarah Haines said she had an “ah-ha” moment as the results poured in, admitting that maybe her critics are right and she is out of touch with what “the world’s all about”:

“It was like a punch in the gut.”

Watch for yourself:

There’s just something delicious about watching the realization set in that, contrary to their former belief, the majority of Americans actually don’t want big government.

What’s even tastier than seeing these ladies so sullen this morning is how Trump’s victory means a total sinking of the mainstream media. The MSM tried desperately to elect Hillary Clinton, ignoring WikiLeaks and her email scandal as much as humanly possible.

However, their efforts were not enough, thanks to social media working in conjunction with new media news outlets to make sure people saw the truth about Hillary and the corruption of her campaign.

Despite all of the disappointment, there was one voice of reason represented by Candace Cameron-Bure who had this to say about a Trump presidency:

“I was a person that voted on policy, and so in that sense, I am happy with the result.

And yet, if anything, I hope, no matter what side you were one, it brings all of us as a people to a horizontal posture — brings us to our knees, our face to the floor, that we pray for our country.

That we pray for him, whether you think he could turn this upside down, or you’re praying he will uphold the positions he said he would.”

Good words, wouldn’t you agree?

We should definitely be praying for President Trump, as he has a long and difficult road ahead, repairing the damage of the Obama administration and setting our nation back on a path of prosperity.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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