HA: Watch political pundits get SCHOOLED (bigly)

Even many of us who cast our vote for Donald Trump yesterday were shocked when he decimated Hillary Clinton last night. If Trump were to win, many expected it would come down to a single state.

Even as often as I (Matt Palumbo) criticize the media narrative, it’s hard not to buy into the hype. Not only did nearly every single poll imply a Hillary victory, other indicators weren’t kind to Trump either. The statistical model from the Five Thirty Eight blog (known for its accuracy) only gave Trump a one in three chance of winning the presidency the day of the election, and the betting odds showing an 85.8 percent chance of a Hillary victory the day of the election. The media polls could be flawed, but those putting their money where their mouths are too?


The media said Trump would never win the presidency – but remember they never thought he’d even win the Republican nomination. We were told time and time again that “x” controversial statement Trump made would doom his campaign, and it never did.

An historic political feat was pulled off last night, and as we celebrate, here’s a reminder of how wrong the experts were, with some footage obtained via the Gateway Pundit:


The only thing more satisfying than watching the media get it wrong? The continued meltdowns dominating our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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