FREAKOUT: After Trump victory, university issues urgent announcement about…

We’ve said before that we have a segment of the college population that experiences PTSD from merely existing. You know the types; the ones looking for trigger warnings and safe spaces to shield themselves from reality. And it’s not just the students; college administrators aren’t helping fight against the cult of victimhood rising on campuses. In many cases, they’re helping fuel it.

The election of Donald Trump as president may indeed be in some ways a reaction to what many lament as the wussification of America. But even as we may have hopes of course-correcting this situation, it clearly won’t happen overnight.

And, in fact, may get worse before it gets better; could be that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump won last night – and no trigger warning could’ve prepared the emotionally fragile for the triggering they were about to experience. In fact, the University of Massachusetts decided to send out an email this morning…. to console any students who may be traumatized.

[Courtesy of PowerLine]

From: Otero, Elsie F
Date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 10:49 AM
Subject: Post Election Support


Dear Students,

We at the Multicultural Affairs Office hope this email reaches you and you are doing ok. We know many of you stayed up waiting to hear of the election results. These are unprecedented times. The nation as well as our community is reacting in many different ways. We are reaching out to each of you because we know that this was an intense election and we are already hearing a number of reactions, feelings and emotions. This is a critical time to make sure that you, your friends, classmates, neighbors are doing ok and seeking the appropriate support especially if they need a place to process or work through what they’re feeling.

You may hear or notice reactions both immediate and in the coming weeks, some anticipated and many that may be difficult to articulate or be shared. While it may take some time to fully take in all the recent events, please also know that the OMA office is here for you. Our UMass Lowell community is here for you. Do not hesitate at all to come in or ask for support.

Today there is a Post-election self-care session from 12-4pm in Moloney. The event will include cookies, mandalas, stress reduction techniques and mindfulness activities. Counseling and Health Services will also be available. We have sent out messages through our Social Media sites as well as encouraging students to drop in all week. Above all, take good care and know that there is strength in our community that you can lean on.

Kind regards,
Office of Multicultural Affairs Staff


Leslie Wong, Director
Elsie Otero, Associate Director
Francine Coston, Associate Director
Allyson Lynch, Coordinator
Michelle, Zohlman, Graduate Fellow

Elsie Otero
Associate Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
University of Massachusetts Lowell
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 366
Lowell, MA 01845


On the bright side for the youth reading this, the students who need “self-care” to cope with the results of a democratic election are the people you’re going to be competing against in the job market – and you’re going to have the upper hand.

In the immortal words of South Park, “the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus!”

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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