Celebrity reaction to Trump win is PRICELESS

They’re in the “entertainment industry” for a reason, and those liberal progressive Hollywood types are certainly delivering the goods after Donald Trump’s win last night. Here for your enjoyment is a small sampling of the meltdown occurring in Tinsletown.

First we start with “Veep” star Timothy Simons, who plays White House liaison Jonah Ryan on the HBO political satire”

We couldn’t do a wrap-up without Cher of course.

No one really cares what Lindsay Lohan thinks, but still…

And after she apparently reneged on her offer to “orally service” anyone who voted for Hillary, she’s fired up.

At least for now, singer Katy Perry is still “With Her.”

Star Trek icon George Takei had a rather dire take.

And finally, we leave you with Whoopi Goldberg who is quite certain most of us who voted for Trump are deplorable.

Maybe they’ll all go back to their day jobs.

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