Now ANOTHER state reports voting issues…….

When it comes to Election Day, especially one as important as this one, folks heading to the polls need to pay attention because voter fraud and malfunctioning machines are bound to occur.

This is precisely what’s happening in several states across the country right now, including Tennessee.

Wilson County Election Commissioner Philip Warren stated that printers responsible for printing bar codes on ballots weren’t working properly.

According to NBC, First reports of voting snags are coming in.

While voting was going smoothly in most places, a technical hiccup slowed voting at the polls in Wilson County, Tennessee, Tuesday morning.

Philip Warren, administrator of the Wilson County Election Commission, told NBC News that when polls opened Tuesday morning, the printers that print bar codes on ballots were not functioning properly.

The county uses ExpressVote systems. When voters come in, they are given a customized ballot with a bar code. Because the printer wasn’t working, they are having to enter that information manually. The actual voting machines are working, but the glitch is slowing down the process.

Warren said the printers were pre-tested and were fine, and it’s not clear why they are not working now.

“We’ve got the backup and that’s working,” he said.

The technical issues present stalled voting so badly that long lines started forming immediately after polls opened at 7 AM.

Getting out and voting today is crucially important, but when you head to your local polling station be sure to double check your ballot and make sure the machine is working properly.

If it isn’t, report that immediately to those working the poll to make sure the issue gets fixed and the candidate you’ve chosen receives your vote.

A lot of this is simply mechanical error with no ill intent, however, that doesn’t mean voter fraud isn’t still happening.

Stay vigilant!

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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