Notice anything odd in this picture of Hillary voting? We did…

We’ve heard liberals brand everything they disagree with as “racist” for decades now, but Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee was a game-changer. Now they can brand everything they disagree with as sexist too!

Trump’s alleged sexism was a problem from the first Republican debate onward, mainly thanks to Megyn Kelly. To his critics, “sexism” appears to be Trump being just as nasty to some women as he is to some men. So not giving special treatment is now sexist.

And what of Trump’s alleged racism? We “learned” he’s anti-Hispanic because he opposes illegal immigration (hint: so do most legal immigrants), racist against Arabs because of his proposed Muslim ban (although Muslims come in very color), and racist against blacks because…well, nobody has been able to explain that last one to me.

While Hillary does lead Trump in minority support (as Democrats often do over Republicans), at least the minorities supporting Trump are actually enthusiastic about it. Consider for example, the photo of Hillary Clinton voting this morning. Notice anything odd about it?


How’s that for diversity?

Considering all we’ve heard about Trump struggling to garner minority support, you wouldn’t know that if you looked at the photo above. I don’t see any of the dead people who will cast their ballot for her today either.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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