If THIS happens today, I swear…

It’s here and some of you are cheering nervously; others are rejoicing because there will finally be no more political ads on TV. The networks will shed a tear because they make a pretty penny off those political advertisements. It’s Election Day 2016 — or maybe it will end up being Judgment Day. It could possibly be the day where the American people cast judgment against entrenched political corruption, corporate cronyism, and special interest and political elitism.

If the American people fail to cast judgment against that which has become a pestilence for our Republic, the cancer will grow and metastasize into an advanced stage, which could potentially be incurable.

I know some believe today could spell the end of America. I do not succumb to that belief. However, it does delay our recovery and the restoration of this Republic for another four years.

And so, let’s take a look at the potential outcomes of this day for America. By the way I’ll be a guest commentator for local Dallas-Ft. Worth KTVT CBS-11 — tune in, I think they’ll be streaming online. it will be interesting.

First, let’s get this out of the way…a Hillary Clinton victory would signal the greatest Pavlovian experiment, well, since the last presidential election. Consider the horrific state of America after four years of Barack Obama, and this nation gave him another four years. In other words, the American electorate passed on Judgment Day 2012.

Now, with the horrific state of our economy, let’s be real – I’m looking at you, progressive socialists — the October jobs report showed only 167,000 new private sector jobs and only 34,000 small business jobs created. Why would anyone want the continuation of these failed policies?

That’s exactly what a President Hillary Clinton will give us. She ain’t the “era of big government is over” Bill Clinton. I find it hilarious that Mrs. Clinton says just like Obama, we need more government spending on infrastructure. Silly me, I thought that was what Obama’s stimulus was all about?

Ask any Hillary Clinton supporter about her major policy accomplishments, and watch them struggle — some may even say, “Hillarycare.” Based on Mrs. Clinton’s tax plan, there will potentially be worse economic growth for America than with Obama — hard to imagine.

Obamacare doesn’t need some “tweaking,” it’s BROKEN. Then again, perhaps that was the goal all along. Hillary is the architect of the reset button, the debacle in Libya, and the Iranian nuclear agreement. Her plan for American energy is to put American coal out of business — while Russia and Iran consolidate their hold on the global oil and gas market. Our military will continue to be decimated, and weakness will be our calling card.

What if the GOP maintains the House and Senate with a Hillary presidency? It comes down to whether or not the GOP finds their big boy pants and stands up — sadly, they have been a disappointment in that case.

If we were to have a conservative leadership in a GOP-controlled legislative branch, then we’ll get what we saw with Bill Clinton. And perhaps, more legislative seats will flip to the GOP. I don’t believe the GOP will lose the House, but the Senate may get a little closer.

What if the GOP loses the Senate and we have Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer? They’ll put pressure on the House GOP and it will be up to the House GOP to fight for their power of the purse. Hillary Clinton with a Senate majority means she’ll push through her appointees, especially Supreme Court nominations without any challenge — after all we’ve seen the GOP roll on Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, and they won’t be able to prevent the fill of a liberal progressive justice to replace the Antonin Scalia seat. And that means watch out Second Amendment!

A Hillary Clinton presidency means the institutionalizing of criminal behavior, and Mrs. Clinton’s payback will be ugly. Expect an Obama pardon, just in case, and her cabinet will be filled with folks who’ve been granted immunity due to criminal allegations — heck, Lois Lerner may end up being the IRS Commissioner again! Imagine that!

Regardless, it will make Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back look like the Muppets, and Mrs. Clinton will be out to crush the resistance. A Hillary Clinton presidency means corruption, cronyism, and elitism triumphed — and America lost.

Now what about a Donald Trump victory? This would signal an American version of Brexit, and you’ll be able to hear a pin drop at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS – and heck, maybe even Fox News. I’m just wondering if all those Hollywood types who said they’d leave America will be gone by end of the week?

A Trump victory would reflect the American people casting judgment against the political, media, corporate, entertainment and academic elites of this nation. And it would be a complete and utter repudiation of the last eight years of Barack Obama.

Now, Donald Trump must come to an immediate realization that his victory was not so much about him, but rather about the American people. I would recommend less use of the first person singular noun, I. Trump would need to being speaking of “we”, as in “we the people,” and continue to talk about the most important aspects of his victory: economic growth (tax, regulatory, healthcare, budget/spending), protection of our national sovereignty, national security, the restoration of the American Republic, and the ideal of individual liberty leading to the promise of the American dream. I would suggest first thing, a short victory speech, no more than 25 minutes, a humble and contrite presentation.

Next, Trump must announce his first key cabinet members, before Thanksgiving, and get them before the American people — his National Security Council (SecState, SecDef, and national security advisor), attorney general (need I say why?), and economic advisor. These must be men and women who will come with impeccable resumes, respected, firmly conservative, strong in character and conviction, and not afraid to speak their minds, rooted in intellect and principle. Most vital, is that these must be men and women who Donald Trump must trust, and listen to their counsel.

Running a business is not the same as governing a nation and being a head of state. It’s critical for Trump to show America this is the team they selected, a team not under criminal allegations requiring them to have immunity. This team is necessary to begin articulating the policy direction of a Trump administration, gaining the confidence of the nation, making them ready to easily pass confirmation hearings. They need to be front and center, less of Trump, more of them, as his respective major policy area experts.

Why is this important? Because if the GOP loses control of the Senate, these key members will go before a hostile Senate leadership wanting to embarrass Trump, and the Senate confirmations are the first opportunities. If you get these people out in the public eye early, you win the crowd, i.e. the American people.

The goal would be to make a Democrat Senate majority look like petulant losers who are being combative and not honoring the will of the American electorate — Judgment Day, November 8th. If the GOP controls both the House and Senate, then it’s imperative Trump’s key cabinet members begin meetings with the incoming respective House and Senate Committee chairs and get buy-in to a common policy vision.

As the first 100 days will be critical for Trump, and a House/Senate GOP — the liberal progressive socialists and their media elite accomplices will be angry. We already know the DNC and the liberal progressive media colluded on many fronts in this election cycle…you can expect that to continue to undermine and derail the new Trump administration and the 115th Congress in those first 100 days.

Like a football coach, Trump will need strong coordinators and a solid and flexible game plan. Therefore, one of his most important early selections will be his chief of staff — and a clearly defined role for his vice president, Mike Pence.

If the GOP retains the House and Senate, they need to legislate as Conservatives.

That’s my take on Judgment Day.

I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same; so help me God. No matter what the result of this election, I swear to keep that oath, and follow the path God intends for me.

By the way. I read some comments recently saying my posts were too long. Sorry, I ain’t dumbing down for anyone – that’s what got us into this damn mess in the first place. My responsibility is to educate and inform you — not acquiesce to the lowest common denominator. I want to keep this Republic, and that only happens with an informed electorate…not mindless lemmings.

See you on the other side!


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