Yikes: Look what Hillary made her HOUSEKEEPER do…

Perhaps one of the most interesting revelations to come out of the treasure trove of emails from Wikileaks is the insight into Clintonworld.

Take for example, the Clinton’s relationship with their maid/housekeeper Marina Santos. The New York Post says, According to a 2010 profile in The Philippine Star, close Clinton friend Vernon Jordan recommended Santos to the Clintons after she worked part-time for him.

Bill Clinton gave a speech in Manila as part of his foundation and took time to visit with the family of the “mayordoma [housekeeper] of his Washington, DC, home — Marina Santos.”

He was quoted as describing Santos as the “wonderful woman who runs our home in Washington, without whom Hillary will not be able to serve as secretary of state.” The article ended remarking, without a hint of irony: “Marina now runs his house so that he and his wife can better serve interests higher than their own.”

Um, you mean serve interests none other than their own. However we now know Santos had another important role in the household: handling classified information.

The Post says, As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.

“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton e-mailed top aide Huma Abedin regarding a redacted 2011 message marked sensitive but unclassified.

In a classified 2012 e-mail dealing with the new president of Malawi, another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley, advised Clinton, “We can ask Marina to print this.”

“Revisions to the Iran points” was the subject line of a classified April 2012 e-mail to Clinton from Hanley. In it, the text reads, “Marina is trying to print for you.”

But here is perhaps the most damning point of all this: Yet it appears Clinton was never asked by the FBI in its yearlong investigation to turn over the iMac Santos used to receive the e-mails, or the printer she used to print out the documents, or the printouts themselves.

It also appears the FBI did not formally interview Santos as a key witness in its investigation.

Uh-oh. That seems a bit…sloppy, don’t you think?

Could this be the reason why James Comey is all of a sudden turning so conscientious? Refocusing his attentions on the investigation? Others have theorized the FBI head realizes there may soon be another sheriff in town and he better get with the program. Sure looks like a big case of CYA if you ask me…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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