Liberal reporter posts death wish about Trump; IMMEDIATELY…

Leftists claim to be all about “tolerance,” but it seems when the rubber meets the road, that’s hardly the case, as is clearly illustrated by the deplorable comments tweeted out about Donald Trump by LA Times reporter Steven Borowiec.

Borowiec took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from TIME titled, “See Donald Trump’s life in photos,” to which he replied, “I would rather see Donald Trump’s life end.”

Nothing screams tolerance and inclusivity like wishing for the death of those you politically disagree with.

via The Daily Wire:

After getting busted for his comment, Borowiec blocked Iannelli and then deleted the tweet in an attempt to cover it up, a move that also seemed to back fire, as he received even more blowback for his disgusting comment, prompting to tweet the following response:

So then he deleted his entire feed and posted this:

Apparently his apology wasn’t enough, because he was summarily fired by the LA Times

After learning of the Trump tweet and verifying that Borowiec posted it, Times editors issued a statement saying that the comment violated the paper’s professional standards.

“The Los Angeles Times is committed to fair, evenhanded coverage of the presidential campaign and expects all journalists representing the paper, including non-staff contributors such as Borowiec, to adhere to this standard in their articles and social media posts,” said the statement from Times spokeswoman Hillary Manning. “Borowiec’s tweet was a violation of the organization’s professional standards, and The Times has ended its relationship with him.”

Look, it’s perfectly acceptable on every level to disagree with someone who shares a different set of beliefs and values than you do and to criticize that individual. That’s what freedom of speech is all about.

It enables us to present our beliefs on the battlefield of ideas and allows them to go toe-to-toe in order to determine how we want to live our lives and order our society.

But death threats are another thing entirely. Putz got what he deserved.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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