After being EXPOSED, DNC chair Brazile posts SICK message

Will the Democrats do anything to win? Last week, Donna Brazile was one of many liberals bashing Sean Hannity for reporting on a fake news story that claimed Barack Obama had deleted endorsements of Hillary Clinton from his Twitter timeline.

Hilariously enough, Brazile re-tweeted a false news story from Hillary Clinton’s account that Donald Trump had his own private server to communicate with Russia two days prior.


As I (Matt Palumbo) explained , It’s a “theory” so far-stretched that even the New York Times can’t back her up on it (though they did publish their story on the matter all the way back on page 21). As The Hill reported: Amid multiple reports drawing different connections between Donald Trump‘s campaign and Russia Monday night, The New York Times reported that FBI officials’ investigations of the GOP presidential nominee have yet to confirm any ties.

FBI officials said their investigations have yet to find a connection between the GOP presidential nominee and Russia. The bureau has been investigating the Russian government’s role in the U.S. presidential election. But the FBI believes that the country was likely trying to disrupt the overall race and not trying boost Trump’s chance of getting elected.

So is Brazile ok with outright lies as long as they’ll benefit her? You bet.

In fact, she was hardly apologetic after her termination from CNN, after it was revealed she’d leaked multiple questions to Hillary in advance of a town hall event she had with Bernie Sanders during the primary.

She’s adopting the Hillary defense – “sure I was exposed, but it wouldn’t have been the case if it weren’t for those damn Russians!”

It’s a fascinating response given how the rest of the Democrat establishment has reaction to Brazile’s termination: with silence. While every Republican and their mother denounced Donald Trump following the leaked 2005 Access Hollywood tapes, as HotAir’s Jazz Shaw noted, not a single Democrat has denounced Brazile.

He writes: Where are the endless demands that Democrats up and down the ticket along with all of their surrogates condemn Brazile and disavow their connections with her? Where are the demands for these Democratic figures to either call for Donna Brazile to be removed from her position or come out and support her? God only knows that every awkward utterance by Donald Trump has produced such demands of every person associated with the campaign and all the Republican office holders on the roster.

We did see one brief exception when Politico noted that a reporter actually asked Josh Earnest if the President thought Brazile should step aside. He responded by saying that Barack Obama believes she has done a fine job and that, “she is a person of integrity and she is a person of high character.” As for Hillary Clinton herself, I can’t find a single instance where she’s commented on the debate rigging scheme nor even been asked the question. Have any Democrats condemned Brazile’s actions? If not, we are left to assume that all of their bluster about Trump’s comments were nonsense and they don’t really have a problem with election rigging after all.

As much as the Republican electorate opposed Paul Ryan and other Congressional Republicans distancing themselves from Trump following the Access Hollywood controversy, at least they had principles. The same can’t be said about their opponents.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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