UH OH: Leaked email reveals Hillary’s TRUE feelings about Al Gore…

If haven’t seen enough of just how deep the corruption is in the Clinton campaign, just sift through some of the emails in the WikiLeaks dump and you’ll be stunned by what you see.

While most of what you’ll find will horrify you — if you’re a decent human being, that is — one of the more comical revelations we’ve been blessed with features a little inside scoop on how Hillary feels about her old buddy and former vice president, Al Gore.

Let’s just say they don’t seem to be besties.

via Twitchy:

What’s hilarious about this is how Clinton brought in Gore to help her pull in the millennial vote.

Hilariously, there are rumors floating about that seem to indicate Hillary’s not a big believer in the whole manmade climate change thing, which if true would probably send Gore into absolute fits of hysterics.

Here are a few reactions to this news on Twitter:

Hillary recently brought Gore along for a rally where she had him close the event by speaking on climate change, proving that politicians will use whatever possible disaster at hand — real or imagined — to attempt winning voters, regardless of whether they actually believe it or not.

From Boston.Com:

Al Gore laid out the environmental stakes of the presidential race in stark terms during a campaign stop for Hillary Clinton Tuesday, arguing that electing her opponent would lead to “climate catastrophe.”

Vice president during Clinton’s husband’s eight years in the White House and a longtime environmental activist, Gore served as a closer for Clinton on climate change as the Democratic candidate seeks to appeal to activists and to young people, who consider this a key issue.

“The choice in this election is extremely clear. Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority,” Gore said, before issuing a strong warning about Republican Donald Trump. “Her opponent, based on the ideas that he has presented, would take us toward a climate catastrophe.”

Clinton, meanwhile, vigorously emphasized her plans to develop more clean energy, reduce fossil fuel production and build more weather-resistant infrastructure. She also continued her attacks on Trump, who has called climate change a “hoax” and said he would renegotiate the Paris Climate Agreement, an international treaty designed to curb the rise in global temperatures.

“We cannot risk putting a climate denier in the White House,” Clinton said.

The fact Hillary can’t stand Al, yet he’s supporting her anyway clearly exposes one of the Democrats greatest strengths that many Republicans seem to lack. They’re willing to join forces together for the sake of the progressive agenda, united by a similar belief system, despite varying small differences in application.

Then again, one could make the case that such unification borders on group think, which is something normal folk and deeply conservative individuals alike agree is a bad idea, so who knows?

Regardless, it’s incredibly amusing to get a first hand glimpse at just how unlikable Clinton truly is — even by her own political cronies.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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