As FBI investigates, Hillary makes SICK JOKE about the law…

Give GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump all the grief you want for what he tweets — at least it’s actually him tweeting it.

While he’s essentially a one-man army, his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton has an entire team devoted to her social media. You’d think that would be a benefit, but her timeline tells another story. You’ll never see Trump share an article that refers to him as the most corrupt candidate in American history.


… or wish herself a happy birthday.



After what Hillary tweeted out yesterday, it’s hard not to believe her social media team is playing a big joke on us.


Respect for the law. Hillary Clinton.

God knows who on the social media team thought that would be a good idea to tweet out. Let’s just do some reviewing, shall we?

  • At the conclusion of the investigation into her private email server in July, it was confirmed Hillary had sent or received classified information on hundreds of occasions through an unsecure private server. She only got off because there supposedly wasn’t any intent to break the law (even though it was broken… repeatedly. And, as we’ve seen over and over again, clear indications of “intent” as well).
  • The Clinton Foundation has been under FBI investigation due to pay-for-play allegations, and a source told Bret Baier that an indictment is likely.
  • With just over a week left until the election, the FBI made a controversial decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s emails after new emails were discovered, thanks to alleged sexual predator Anthony Weiner of all people. That’s but the third time the FBI has opened an investigation into Hillary this election, technically speaking.
  • Hillary is the only presidential candidate to be under (multiple) federal investigation(s) both during the campaign and on election day.

That’s an extremely scaled-back list, of course, but we all get the idea…

Trust me — I wish Hillary Clinton respected the law. I also wish the law “respected” her — by throwing her in jail.

[Note: This post was written by the Analytical Economist]




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