Undercover video exposes Dems’ RACIST comments about black voters…

Project Veritas has blown the covers off many uncomfortable truths about the ugly lengths Democrats are going to elect Hillary Clinton president, including planting violence at Donald Trump rallies and illegally coordinating not just with Hillary’s campaign, but even the White House.

These videos, along with the separate-but-equally-if-not-more-damning Wikileaks emails have provided an unflattering look at Democrats — the same ones who dare to profess, “when they go low, we go high.”

Today’s Project Veritas drop captures on video members of the party revealing what they think of blacks who dare think for themselves — rather than blindly following Democrat party dogma. Turns out, the party who professes to be champions of blacks isn’t too keen on them daring to venture off the party’s thought plantation.

As the latest expose from James O’Keefe shows, blacks who dare vote Republican are analogous to Jews who helped the Nazis during the Holocaust, according to one major Democrat donor — and are ‘seriously f***ed in the head.’ Project Veritas reports: In a new video, a top Democratic donor is caught on camera disparaging members of the African American community at a fundraiser for North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross.

In the video, prominent Ross donor Benjamin Barber expresses his opinion about blacks who vote Republican by comparing them to Nazis.

“Have you heard of the Sonderkommandos? Jewish guards who helped murder Jews in the camps. So there were even Jews that were helping the Nazis murder Jews! So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously f***ed in the head. They’re only helping the enemy who will destroy them. Maybe they think ‘if I help them we’ll get along okay; somehow I’ll save my race by working with the murderers,’” said Barber at a fundraiser for Ross on the Upper West Side of New York City on September 19, 2016.

Project Veritas Action thought it was important to share Barber’s words with African American Republicans in North Carolina. They expressed outrage over the comments that were made at the Ross fundraiser.

“I think that Deborah Ross has shown her true colors. If this is not a, if that…what you just showed me is not racism and condescending and basically calling blacks stupid and ignorant and saying that we are voting against our own self-interest if we support any republican.  I am appalled.  I am in incensed.  Deborah Ross should be called to task for something like that,” said Bishop Wooden, a black voter in North Carolina.

How nice of them. Basically, blacks who don’t fall in line with what the party wants are “seriously f***ed in the head.” Condescending, disrespectful language aside, the truth is actually the opposite, if you just take a look at the facts. Largely minority communities suffering in poverty have one key thing in common: they’ve been ruled by Democrats for decades.


It’s no wonder we always see liberals pushing the narrative that the other side is “racist,” because if they argued on economics, they’d be fighting a losing battle. As Col. West has pointed out, “It has been some sixty years since the Great Society programs of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. If you consider the plight of our urban centers today, there’s been a defined decline in the black community in this period. A simple assessment of the leadership of all major urban centers in America will show liberal progressive leadership, actually, lack thereof, and the effects have been horrific for the black community.” Among those effects are a drastic decline in two-parent black households, which declined from 77 percent as the War on Poverty was signed into law — to 25 percent today. A two-parent household is a greater anti-poverty program than welfare could ever hope to be.

Indeed, as West noted elsewhere, the Republican Party was founded as a single-issue party: to end slavery. The Democrat Party had fought them every step of the way. Were we really supposed to believe they had a sudden change of heart in the 1960s?

Of course, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was accused of racist undertones when he said, “African-Americans and Hispanics are living in hell holes.” In reality, what he was really trying to do was acknowledge a problem he wants to fix: poverty in minority communities.

It’s about time Republicans began reaching out to minorities in impoverished communities — after these communities have suffered decades of uninterrupted Democrat rule.

We’ll leave the disparaging, dismissive commentary to the Dems, but will simply note that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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