Donna Brazile sent out a Tweet last night that will certainly elicit some feelings of schadenfreude.

While Hillary Clinton tries to pretend this reopening of the FBI’s investigation is nothing major, you’d think that wouldn’t require reaching out to God for help. Well, maybe it’s Hillary who will emerge unscathed from all this, as she always does. On the other hand, the hacks targeting the Democrats this election have resulted in a few casualties at the Clinton camp, such as the DNC hack, which forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down among ethics concerns.

Brazile took her place, and she’ll probably be the next to resign. We now know thanks to Wikileaks, Brazile had sent Hillary at least one question in advance ahead of CNN’s town-hall when she faced against Bernie Sanders. She denied it, playing the victim on Megyn Kelly’s show, but she can’t change reality. In fact, as we know now, she sent more than just one question to Hillary in advance. As the Gateway Pundit reported: Thanks to Wikileaks we now know current DNC Chair Donna Brazile admitted to releasing additional debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Brazile sent several questions to the Clinton campaign early: “I’ll send a few more.”


Brazile also warned the Clinton campaign about a question from a Flint woman on lead poisoning:


If Brazile is to step down from her position as chair of the DNC, shall we place bets on how long it is until the person who replaces her also resigns due to ethics charges? It seems to be a recurring theme now. Meanwhile, it was just reported that CNN has severed their ties with Brazile.


You know what we can appropriately call Brazile’s crimes? Rigging an election.


[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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