The ol’ folks down South have a saying — “a hit dawg will holler” — and right now, there’s a whole lot of hollering going on from the establishment elites of the new American Socialist Party. If I could paraphrase a line from Shakespeare, “methinks thou dost protest too much.”

Let’s be very honest, what’s so very disturbing for the party of the jackass is they’re finally learning there are consequences for their deplorable actions.

First of all, just let me say, I was in Congress with Anthony Weiner and he was one of the most arrogant individuals you could have ever met…there is such a thing as karma.

But, let’s ponder this repulsive cycle of scandal that just seems to follow the Clinton clan wherever they go.

As we shared Saturday, it was Bill Clinton who married Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. I would find it unbelievable that the Clintons were unaware of Weiner’s sick proclivities. And with that being said, does anyone find it disconcerting that someone with Ms. Abedin’s background would be the right hand “girl” to the former first lady, former U.S. Senator, former secretary of state, and now presidential candidate?

If there’s one thing the Wikileaks disclosures have provided us it’s a window into a campaign, a group of elitist ideologues, who truly see themselves as above the law and scrutiny by the “little people.” No one can tell me they weren’t well aware of all the dirt Hillary “Pigpen” Clinton has in her past, present, and will certainly come in her future. The point is that they dared anyone to make them comply with the standards of the law. And now these corrupt politicos are feigning unrighteous indignation as if they cannot believe this is happening to them.

Heck, the FBI Director, James Comey, doesn’t need to provide them anything — why don’t they just ask Huma Abedin what the heck is going on? We all know Abedin knew all about the Clinton unsecure private email server. We know Abedin was not only on the State Department payroll — meaning we the American taxpayer were paying her — but she was also on the Clinton Foundation and another private firm’s payroll. All conflict of interest and all known by these folks. Yet, here we are witnessing the true embodiment of what Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero termed the “arrogance of officialdom.”

Imagine former President Bill Clinton conducting an arranged meeting with the current U.S. attorney general when his own wife was under FBI investigation. The meeting was held in a secret private jet hangar in Phoenix, and it was only thanks to a local reporter who got wind of the rendezvous that we know about it. And we dumb schmucks are supposed to believe this is, as Bruce Hornsby would say, “just the way it is?”

And frankly, who cares we’re 11 days from the presidential election? Justice doesn’t look at a calendar or political races. No one told the Democrats to nominate someone as their presidential candidate who was under criminal investigation for major felony offenses. And spare me the ridiculous rhetoric that there’s nothing wrong — I guess our military generals can now have unsecure private email servers in their quarters and use personal email in order to conduct classified business? Or as we go forward, shall every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine who’s “extremely careless” with the handling of classified information just invoke the “Hillary Clinton” defense and not receive any punishment?

Bill, Hillary, and now Chelsea Clinton are without a doubt the most corrupt political family this nation has known in modern history. They’ve been “dancing with the devil by the pale moonlight” and never have they had to be held accountable for their despicable actions…and there have been countless.

They’re continuing to do as they’ve always done when challenged or confronted for their unethical, or at times, illegal actions – they demonize, denigrate, and disparage the accuser. Just ask Hillary how that works with the women whom her husband sexually assaulted. Richard Nixon must be just apoplectic in his grave knowing he resigned over a breaking and entering episode.

The actions of the Clintons — and to a related effect, Obama — make his Watergate travails look like an episode of “Leave it to Beaver.” And oh by the way, Hillary Clinton was removed from the Watergate investigative team because of “integrity” issues — that dirt cloud has been following her for quite some time.

Folks, this is the woman who said she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia when there’s video proof that she landed and received flowers from a little girl — with Chelsea. Ol’ “Pigpen” Hillary Clinton has been caught up in so many lies it’s amazing she even knows from day to day what is reality and what’s not.

But the disturbing thing is that there are the mindless lemmings willing to institutionalize this criminal and abhorrent behavior with the reward of the presidency — as we did in 2008 and 2012.

And when asked about a major Hillary Clinton accomplishment, well, her loyal acolytes basically respond with, she’s a woman and she’s breathing. I’d say Hillary is more of an oxygen thief than anything else — and a very dangerous one for the United States of America.

So to the Democrats, stop your whining, this is all your own doing. Y’all screwed over Senator Bernie Sanders who, if he were running against Trump would have been very problematic for the GOP. Y’all chose a highly flawed, unlikeable, unaccomplished, corrupt, lying, and deceitful candidate with all of her baggage — not to mention that of her deviant husband — so suck it up. You’ve had a totally complicit media elite establishment to run interference and block for you like a pulling guard for a running back. You had all the cards in hand, and now you’re seeing your house of cards fall.

We the people are truly sick of the antics of the Clinton family, and just wish they’d go away. Needless to say, we witnessed the conservative base say thanks but no thanks to the Bush family in this GOP presidential primary cycle. It appears the Democrats are run by the Clinton mafia which has laid its egg there in Virginia — Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe are their cronies. It ends here, this legacy of sexual deviancy and corruption. I know that has y’all Democrats REALLY upset because this was supposed to be a coronation.

But, this is America…a constitutional republic, not a constitutional monarchy, and we do not want these incestuous political families and dynasties.


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