Dem pollster predicts “dam is about to break on…”

Can you believe how quickly this is all unraveling? My goodness!

The FBI has reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server after they found 650 THOUSAND emails from Huma Abedin on Anthony Weiner’s sticky laptop.

Huma Abedin says she has NO idea how those emails got there.

Meanwhile, after Wikileleaks emails reveal DNC chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile was feeding Hillary debate and town hall questions in advance, CNN dumped her saying they were “completely uncomfortable” with that revelation.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s poll numbers continue to tank. Even the Real Clear Politics average now shows Hillary just 2.5 points ahead of Donald Trump.

But according to Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, it’s about to get much, much worse.

Caddell was Jimmy Carter’s chief pollster and had a front row seat when Ronald Reagan came from behind – until the weekend before the election – and won with a landslide.

Caddell is sensing a little repeat in history.

Per Infowars, Caddell drew comparisons to the 1980 presidential race, which was close right up until the final days before the electorate abandoned Carter and rallied around the anti-establishment candidate, leading to Reagan taking victory in a landslide.

Caddell noted that Carter’s entire campaign had been built around portraying Reagan as unqualified and “dangerous,” in a similar vein to how Clinton has demonized Trump.

Caddell explained that the polling between Reagan and Carter was close up until the final weekend when “the dam broke” and Reagan shot ahead by ten points.

Stating that he had been looking at the data regarding unfavorability ratings for both Clinton and Trump, Caddell noted that since Friday, large numbers of voters had been structurally “moving against the status quo – the incumbent who is essentially Hillary Clinton.”

Caddell said that the latest information regarding the FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary’s email scandal was the “popper” that “could open up significantly before it’s over,” meaning it would be the decisive factor that enables Trump to defeat Hillary.

You know it must be bad when even Democrats are beginning to curb their enthusiasm. Even longtime Clinton associate Doug Schoen announced he was “withdrawing his support” for her.

Counting down the days…

[Note: This article was written with fingers crossed by Michele Hickford]


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