INSANITY: Look what University of Texas now considers an “offensive” Halloween costume…

Considering the left has traditionally been all about free sex, drugs and no rules, they sure know how to take the fun out of things. Now there are even guidelines for politically correct Halloween costumes.

Bear in mind, it’s okay to be a man dressing as a woman if that’s how you “identify” but NOT okay if you just want to look funny for the evening.

The College Fix reports the University of Texas has issued a 29-point checklist primarily for sororities and fraternities (“Greeks”) for determining if your Halloween costume might be offensive to somebody, somewhere. (And waaait a minute, isn’t it offensive to call those folks Greeks unless they have actual Grecian heritage? Isn’t THAT “cultural appropriation?”)

Sorority and Fraternity Life, part of the Office of the Dean of Students, issued its updated “costume and theme resource guide” last week, instructing UT Greeks to avoid Halloween party costumes and themes that may “appropriate another culture or experience.”

It’s one of many school-sponsored guides or checklists recently given to the nation’s college students, particularly members of fraternities and sororities, telling them what they can and can’t wear in the run-up to Halloween.

Though schools generally don’t list penalties for wearing a costume considered offensive, a Greek official at Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg College went so far as to warn fellow Greeks their chapters could be shut down if they wear the wrong costumes.

The guide lists 11 separate “harmful” themes, including any “generalized representation” of Asian culture or “Indigenous” cultures, such as “Cowboys and Indians,” as well as “tropical” or “fiesta.”

Yes, amazingly, in the state of Texas, it is considered offensive to dress up like a cowboy.

The guide provides mixed messages when it comes to cultures associated with white people. “Harmful” themes include “Golf Pros & Tennis Hoes,” “Trailer Trash” and “Chicks and Hicks,” but the guide approvingly cites “Catalina Yacht Mixer or ‘Preppy’” in a section on suggested themes that also includes “Rep Your Favorite Team” and “Alphabet Theme.”

And how about this for Orwellian “thought police:” Students are invited to hold each other accountable is by reporting bias incidents to the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement’s Campus Climate Response Team.

The first potential example of bias on the reporting page is: “Do you know of a student organization hosting a party with a racist theme?”

Oh boy. How bad has it gotten in our culture if we’re encouraging people to rat out their neighbors for wearing COSTUMES?

It’s just dandy if you want to wear a Che Guevara t-shirt, or socks depicting policemen as pigs, but don’t you DARE put on a cowboy hat or a grass skirt.

Pretty soon Santa Claus and his elves will be offensive to high Body Mass Index and vertically-challenged folks.

Oh my goodness. The Village People would never get away with it today!


[Note: This article was written in costume by Michele Hickford]


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