Anti-Trump thugs desecrate flag in front of the WRONG person…

Hating on the American flag and despising the national anthem seem to be the favorite pastimes of progressives, as loony liberal athletes continue to “protest” against inequality on the playing field.

Now that same sort of sentiment is spilling over into the presidential election. Liberals are busily spawning a story that violence might erupt even after Election Day implying Donald Trump supporters will be the culprits. But thanks to James O’Keefe’s recent video, we know the opposite is true. The Hillary campaign is literally paying to foment violence at Trump events. Just imagine what she’ll do if Trump wins.

Recently, Donald Trump was attending the ribbon cutting for his new hotel in Washington D.C. when a group of anti-Trump protesters showed up and decided to voice their opinion by desecrating the American flag.

However, their actions were not at all appreciated by the daughter of a veteran who took it upon herself to put these folks in their place.

TheBlaze is reporting, On the flag were written quotes from the now-famous 2005 “Access Hollywood” video in which Trump was caught making lewd comments about women.

“My father fought for this country in the Army, this is a disgrace,” the woman, who was not identified, said in response to the defaced American flag. The Washington Examiner reported that the woman who stood up to the protesters is from Florida.

She went on to say the protesters have every right to state their opinions “but don’t write it on our flag.”

One protester, whom the Washington Examiner identified as Charlise Michelle Jones, was later heard shouting obscenities about America and its origin.

“F*** this nation, it’s not a God-given nation,” Jones said. “F*** the American flag, that f***ing flag is bulls**t.”

You know, it’s perfectly acceptable to protest for whatever cause you like, however, if you have a problem with this nation and the flag that represents the freedom many have fought and died for in order for you to have that right, you’re more than welcome to pack your bags and head on over to Europe or some other permanent destination.

In other words, respect the flag, even if you disagree with the government, which, if you haven’t noticed, most of us already do.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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