Wikileaks EMBARRASSMENT: Look who Hillary camp describes as “f***ing dumb”

After winning Nevada in the Republican primary, Donald Trump gave a speech in which he told supporters he got votes from both the well educated and poorly educated, adding “I love the poorly educated.” The liberal media got a kick out of that quote, but while he was celebrating his victory, Hillary’s camp had much harsher words for whom they didn’t find the most intelligent.

As we all know, millennials tend to lean left, as the youth always have. But that doesn’t mean they were enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton – as Bernie Sanders ended up attracting the millennial vote in the Democrat Primary, not Hillary. In fact, Bernie’s supporters thought Hillary was just as crooked as Trump does. While Bernie was still in the race, polls commonly showed that roughly 30 percent of Bernie supporters wouldn’t support Hillary in a general election.

Hillary knows she needs to attract them, as many former-Bernie supporters will simply stay home Election Day, or, even worse (for her), defect for Trump. And believe it or not, the campaign of the woman who will do anything to get elected doesn’t seem to care much for them anyway.

As the Gateway Pundit reported: This little jewel popped up in Wikileaks this week. The Hillary camp believes millennials are “f*cking dumb” and can be played like a fiddle.


According to Paul Joseph Watson: A new email released by Wikileaks as part of the Podesta dump features Hillary ally Wendy Bronfein advising Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on how to reach “f**king dumb” young people.

Marketing executive Bronfein tells Podesta that Clinton “may not be the best face” to attract younger voters and that she needs to utilize “trending figures” as par of an “infusion to pull younger voters” because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to”.

Bronfein goes on to state, “It’s f**king dumb but being “cool” counts for more than it maybe should.”

She references Bill Clinton’s saxophone playing as an example of this before asserting, “I hate to generalize a generation but by social media nature, they “follow”. So if someone they identify as cool endorses – they will likely fall in line with that candidate.”

Ironically, Hillary already does have more millennial support from Trump, as you can see in the hypothetical map below, which shows what the electoral map would look like if only millennials voted.


F*cking dumb indeed.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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